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Carpool and Rideshare apps that rock

A few years ago a friend introduced me to the casual carpool. This was pre-smartphone days (I’m a dinosaur), pre-app, pre-rideshare services, pre, well…you get the point. The casual carpool is something that pre-dates all these tech solutions, and only could really occur in places where, well, people generally like each other, get along, and […]

October 23rd

Top Alternative Transportation Jobs This Week

Alternative transportation is what we do around here at Gas2, whether it’s fuel sipping hybrids, full blown EVs, bikes, or public transit. As an industry, it’s a great place to work, and a great way to make a living while making a difference.┬áTo sign up for a newsletter entirely devoted to our blog posts on […]

October 2nd

Hawaii Sets EV Charging Prices To Alleviate Cost Anexiety

To encourage EV ownership, Hawaiian Electric Companies (HECO) and the state energy office have announced today that regulatory approval has been achieved for differential rates on EV charging stations. In other words, EV owners can charge at EV charging stations without worrying about what rate they’re paying for the electric, or about peak demand charge hours. The rates are an attempt to encourage EV ownership in Hawaii, a place where range anxiety is limited by geographic barriers (that’s the techy term for “an ocean on all sides”).

July 18th

Impact Investing and Alternative Transportation

The field of impact investing is a relatively new phenomenon, but its popularity is growing quickly, as investors seek financial AND other returns on their investments, usually environmental and social benefits. In impact investing, investors get to make a buck and feel good about it, too. Impact investing includes fairly mainstream investments, like Tesla’s initial public offering (IPO) that netted the company over $200 million.

November 28th

Chrysler CEO rejects Romney's assertions as "cynical" and "inaccurate"

Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney has shown talent at spinning a narrative to fit his version of reality, but his most recent attempt to flip flop on the auto bailout is meeting particular resistance after Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne flatly rejected a recent Mitt Romney ad as flatly “inaccurate”, and GM called it “politics at […]

November 3rd

Has biking gone too far in the Netherlands?

As a bike commuter living in San Francisco a few years ago, I was very impressed at the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s ability to get new bike lanes put in (increasing bike safety quite a bit), to get bicycle safety training to thousands of riders, and to lobby the city council for any number of […]

November 2nd