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Upcoming Infiniti Hybrid Could be Blueprint for Next Gen GT-R

Remember way back in December last year, when the rumors were swirling that the next generation of Nissan’s sports rocket, the GT-R, would be getting a hybrid drivetrain? Since then we’ve gotten subsequent confirmation that, indeed, Nissan was thinking about putting some kind of electric drivetrain into the GT-R—be it hybrid or fully electric. And […]

August 19th

Lear Chosen as Supplier for Chevy Volt Chargers and Parts

What do seats and charging stations have in common? Very little, except that automotive seat supply giant, Lear, has been chosen by GM to supply the home charging stations and some key parts for the Chevrolet Volt. Although Lear is best known as a car seat supplier, the Southfield, Michigan, based company says they’ve realized […]

August 18th

Hyundai Aims at 50 MPG Fleetwide by 2025

15 years; a lot can happen in that time. Think back to 1995. What’s changed in your life since then? 9/11. Afghanistan. Iraq. $4 per gallon gas. Economy. Hell, I was just entering college. 15 years can allow for some pretty momentous change. So it’s easy to see why a company would set lofty goals […]

August 5th

Mitsubishi Says i-MiEV Could Have Sub-$30K Price Tag

Around the world Mitsubishi has announced initial prices for fleet purchasers of their subcompact i-MiEV electric car that range from about $53,000 in Japan to as high as $59,000 in Germany. Given the fact that Nissan will start selling the LEAF EV this fall for $32,780 in the US, it’s clear that Mitsubishi will have […]

July 13th