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We Will Not Apologize for Our Way of Life

Obama’s Inaugural Address contained some great hints about what the Alternative Fuel industry can expect with his presidency. At the forefront, the single phrase, “We will not apologize for our way of life…” says to me that Obama will work to enforce America’s status quo. For this article I will focus on the quo of […]

January 22nd

If Our Gas Taxes Go Up, Will Gas Prices Become Unfair?

Faced with dwindling cash reserves, several states are considering raising their Gas Tax. Those with efficient vehicles will come out ahead. Low income families, the trucking industry and the alternative fuel industry will finish last. Now I am all for taxes – there are many essential services that the government performs and they need money […]

January 14th

North Dakota Ethanol Producers are at Risk as Fund Dries Up

Editor’s Note: Sasha is one of the newest additions to the Gas 2.0 writing team. Welcome Sasha! North Dakota’s fund for helping ethanol producers hedge against fluctuating corn prices is about to run out, and the producers are getting worried. The fund, paid for in part by farm vehicle registrations, was drained by high corn […]

December 18th