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Zero-emission Taxis hit London

Hydrogen fuel-cell powered cabbies are motoring around the streets of London this week, courtesy of Intelligent Energy – the UK-based firm charged with filling London’s roads with a zero-emissions taxi fleet by 2012.  Unlike a dozen other “greenwashing” programs in major cities around the world, however, London’s is ON TRACK and ON TIME. The fuel […]

April 4th

Bamboo and Rattan Electric Car Wows in Milan

Filipino furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue presented an ultra-lightweight car design last week that takes the use of renewable materials to a whole new level.  Using bamboo and rattan, Cobonpue feels that the project – called “Pheonix” – perfectly embodies “this era’s thrust towards artisanship and craftsmanship, biodegradability and environment-friendliness, as opposed to assembly-line production and […]

April 4th

Loser Deal: Electric 500C Will Cost Fiat $10K Per Sale

Despite carrying a pricetag in excess of $40,000, Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne insists that Fiat will lose as much as $10,000 for each of the upcoming (2013) electric 500Cs it sells, adding that “the economics of EVs simply don’t work. On the 500 that (Chrysler) will begin selling in the U.S. next year, we will […]

April 2nd

Honda Hybrid Sales Up 111%

Was it the entry-level Insight that made the difference, or the availability of the new CR-Z that pulled the numbers up?  Maybe the economy really is looking up – if only for Honda’s target demographics?  Whatever the reason, Honda’s line of hybrids saw huge year-over-year sales increases for the month of March, surging 111.8%. Granted, […]

April 1st

Secrets of Red Bull's F1 Dominance Revealed

Red Bull Racing began the 2011 Formula One season the same way it ended the 2010 season:  by winning.  Much journalistic ink has been spilled about the Adrian Newey-designed RB7‘s dominant performance, with rival teams accusing Red Bull of gaining an unfair advantage through the use of special wings (these complaints were made un-ironically). Earlier […]

April 1st

GM Renames All Models Prius, Sues BBC Over Top Gear Episode

While the rest of the automotive world simply stared at the news reports about Toyota’s decision to name all its new 2012 model-year cars and trucks “Prius” in a move to further cash-in on the small hybrid’s brand-equity, GM’s legal eagles leaped into action – renaming all of its new 2012 model-year cars “Prius” and […]

April 1st

Audi Previews New Hybrid Quattro

Audi released photos of its new e-Tron Quattro system frolicking on (what’s left of) the winter ice.  The prototype hybrid system is based on the current Audi A5, but earns its “Quattro” moniker not with a conventional all-wheel-drive system, but with what Audi is calling an “electric rear axle”. The innovative new hybrid Quattro system […]

March 31st

Lotus Hopes to Sell Range-extender Tech to Big Automakers

Lotus has been developing a number of innovative new “green” technologies in recent years, with much attention being paid to its compact range-extending ICE generator, itself based on Lotus’ Omnivore engine technology.  Lotus first showed the system in their Evora 414E hybrid concept car last year. As our longer-term readers might recall, I’ve tin-hatted myself […]

March 30th

Boeing Gets Busy: Slick New Planes, Wild New Patents

March has been a busy month for Boeing – one which saw the maiden flight of the company’s third new biofuel-capable 747-8 intercontinental plane and new patent filings for quieter, less disruptive passenger planes. The 747-8 completed its inaugural flight last Sunday, after spending four hours and 25 minutes of flight maneuvers not usually associated […]

March 30th

Gasoline Hits $5.40 (Regular!) in California

This photo was posted over on the Quattroworld (Audi) forums earlier today, and it clearly shows a Death Valley, California Chevron station charging $5.40 for a gallon of regular, and $5.62 (.9) for each gallon of 91 octane “premium”.  The price of diesel is another gut-check, at $5.77 … which would easily mean $100 fill-ups […]

March 28th