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Guy Mods Honda Motorbike to Get 214 MPG

[social_buttons] Efficiency enthusiast Allert Jacobs converted his brand new Honda motorbike into a streamliner capable of reaching 214 mpg. Jacobs was already getting 114 mpg with his Honda Innova, but knew some aerodynamic mods could get him so much more. Aerodynamics hugely impact fuel consumption. In fact, a typical car burns 50-percent of its fuel […]

January 26th

Tesla Co-Founder Joins Volkswagen of America

[social_buttons] According to AutoblogGreen, ousted Tesla co-founder Martin Eberhard has confirmed he is indeed working on Volkswagen of America’s EV lineup. The rumor was first reported back in March of 2009 by a Tesla employee who remains anonymous. Since then, Eberhard’s defamation/breach of contract suit against the company has ended. The dispute was with Tesla’s […]

January 22nd

Porsche Says No Way to Hybrid Sports Cars

[social_buttons] Porsche will not build hybrid versions of the 911 and Boxster, according to CEO Michael Macht. While the company will make a hybrid Cayenne, they have no interest in altering their sports car lineup. Enthusiasts can now breathe a sigh of relief. The Cayenne SUV and the 4-door Panamera have been a sore subject […]

January 20th

Spy Photos of Lexus’s Production Version LF-Ch

Carscoop has photos of what seems to be a production model of the Lexus LF-Ch hatchback. The car made its debut at last year’s Frankfurt motor show. Lexus made it clear they would build the five-door car when Andy Pfeiffenberger, vice president of Lexus Europe, said “Let me stress you are not looking at a […]

January 19th

Toyota to Double Hybrid Production to 1 Million Units

[social_buttons] Toyota Motor Corp. will double its production of hybrid vehicles to 1 million units by 2011. Currently, Toyota is the leader in low-emission vehicles with more than 10 hybrid models in its lineup. The car maker produced 500,000 hybrid units in 2009; 8-percent of its overall production. It’s planning for 800,000 hybrids this year […]

January 18th

New York City to Buy 70,000 New Electric Cars

[social_buttons] A study came out today saying that electric cars–both battery electric and plug-in hybrids–would make up as much as 16-percent of new car sales in New York City come 2015. That’s roughly 70,000 vehicles. But what’s driving these EV sales? Governments are expected to impose higher restrictions on CO2 emissions, for one. Plus, subsidies […]

January 12th

Robotic Aircraft Sets World Record with 23 Hour Flight

[social_buttons] A fuel-cell-powered aircraft set a world record by staying aloft for a whopping 23 hours and 17 minutes on just a single load. In fact, the unmanned aircraft broke the previous record by double. Of course, the plane was built by the Naval Research Laboratory and not by students from the University of Michigan. […]

October 14th