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Military's New Super-Efficient Humvee Gets 6.8 MPG

The US Military’s new humvee prototype, the FED ‘Alpha,’ consumes 70% less fuel than previous models. And yes, even 6.8 MPG will save millions on overall fuel costs. Anyone delivering fuel to the battlefield understands just how important these savings are. On the field per gallon fuel costs can exceed hundreds of dollars, and delivery […]

January 17th

Bizarre EV Charging Stations that Ate the Neighborhood

An Italian design firm already well-known (apparently) for its ¨futuristic octopus floor lamp¨ has outdone itself to create a solar-powered EV charging station that looks like a giant leaf. Available in various sizes, the upper surface of the ´leaf´ features an up to 2.8 kW solar array, LED streetlamp, and the options of a park […]

January 3rd

Study: Biofuels 14x to 31x More Costly than Raising the Gas Tax

Could the cost-efficacy and net benefit of biofuels be worse than we thought? A study released by Oregon State University (OSU) economists late last year indicates that the biofuels currently mandated and under production in Europe and the United States ¨barely reduce fossil fuel use and. . .likely increase greenhouse gas emissions.¨ They´re also 14 […]

January 3rd

Washington State´s Electric Highway Breaks Ground

On Wednesday, state officials in Washington broke ground on their portion of the West Coast Green Highway, which will eventually link the entire I-5 corridor with public-access electric vehicle recharging stations. The site of the state´s first DC Fast-Charging station is Bellingham´s Sehome Village Shopping Center.  Most of the stations will be located at private retail centers […]

December 30th

Navy Takes Flak for $15 / Gallon Biofuel Purchase Totalling $12M

Critics claim that $15 / gallon (the calculated pump price) is too much. The Navy says this will accelerate the production of homegrown fuel and contribute to Navy’s goal of 50% renewable fuel by 2020. The 450,000 gallons of agal and animal fat oil-based fuel constitutes the largest single purchase of biofuel in US history. […]

December 27th

Mascoma signs $80M Cellulosic Ethanol Plant Deal with DOE in Kinross, Michigan

Mascoma, the renewable fuels company, will receive up to $80 million in Department of Energy funding for construction of a commercial-scale hardwood cellulosic ethanol facility. Mascoma hasn’t been mentioned on for quite a while, probably since there hasn’t been much news since their scientific breakthrough in 2009 (see Mascoma Announces Major Research Advance for […]

December 16th

Webchat: Chevrolet Volt Leadership Change

From the GM FastLane Blog: Global electric vehicle development chief Frank Weber is moving back to Europe to join the Opel/Vauxhall senior leadership team and Doug Parks will takeover the reins of the Chevrolet Volt development team on Dec. 2. Doug was the global compact car team leader, or more specifically, the leader of the […]

November 2nd

Live from Detroit: Webchat for “The Business of Plugging In” Conference

Last night kicked off a three-day conference in Detroit on plug-in electric vehicles (which Gas 2.0 is attending). Today we’ll be hosting a live chat from the event with Britta Gross, GM director of Global Energy Systems, Infrastructure and Commercialization, and Mark Duvall, executive director of the Electric Propulsion Research Institute (EPRI).

October 20th

Gas 2.0 Launches "EV War" Website:

[social_buttons] SAN FRANCISCO – Yesterday, Gas 2.0 ( launched, a site challenging cities across the nation to be first to develop city-wide electric vehicle infrastructure. A two-minute video featuring the Mayors of Portland and San Francisco kicked off the competition, along with posts written by Mayor Newsom, Portland General Electric, and the CEO of Coulomb […]

July 9th

Toyota to Launch Overpriced Plug-in Prius in 2012: $48,000 for a Minor Upgrade

[social_buttons] Over the holiday weekend, Japanese news daily Nikkei reported that Toyota will start mass producing plug-in hybrid vehicles in 2012. The plug-in Prius will have a reported all-electric range of 12.4-18.6 miles after a full charge, and will cost $48,000—roughly twice the price of the regular gasoline-hybrid Prius. Considering that a used Prius can be converted […]

July 6th