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MINI Es in Munich – the BMW Test Project Kicks Off

Another step towards market readiness for electro-mobility: The BMW group and the Technical University Munich fired the starting shot for the first project to be showcased in Bavaria-Saxony. Over the coming five months, 25 test drivers will take to Munich’s streets behind the wheels of their own electrically-powered MINI Es.

August 14th

Toyota On Moving Forward

One might say that Toyota’s plug-in hybrids are plugged into the future (of course, that would be a terrible, terrible pun and which no one sane would actually make, right?). Either way, Toyota has been markedly successful with the Prius. The Japanese automaker is not, however, standing still.

August 7th

KTM's Electric Off-Road Bike Is Coming Soon, Really

KTM has been promising an electric off-road bike for ages. It’s been in development in Austria, but KTM now claims that it’s actually almost ready. They’ve even got some numbers to go with their claim. The Freeride E is theoretically prepared to handle the most demanding off-road use, says KTM. Extra batteries are available upon […]

July 11th

Toyota COMS Makes A Comeback

Tiny little single-seater electric vehicles are apparently doing pretty well in Japan, as Toyota just announced the second generation of its ultra-small city car, the COMS. The name is an acronym of “Chotto Odekake Machimade Suisui,” or “a little smooth driving around town.” Long-time Gas2 readers may remember the Toyota COMS as the vehicle used […]

July 6th

Honda Installs All The Solar Panels

Solar cars are what they are – very, very cool but not entirely practical for everyday use. Honda hasn’t let that stop them from using all the solar power they can get their hands on, though; rather than build solar cars, they’re reducing their carbon footprint another way. Honda is planning to install solar panels […]

June 25th