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Video: CrossKart Looks Like My Kind Of Nordic Madness

Scandinavia is home to some of the most innovative auto enthusiasts in the world,. CrossKart is just another example of their endless inventiveness. Basically simplified versions of American Midget racers, CrossKart boils down motorsports to its purist. Oh, and it looks hella fun. People still say hella, right? Classes are divided by engine size, with […]

April 15th

Electric Water Kart Tears up Paris' Canals (w/ video)

Somewhere between a geriatric paddle-boat and a high-intensity Jet Ski lies this, Aquelo‘s new Gliss-speed “water kart”. The Gliss-speed is a fully electric commuter craft with a top speed of about 15 knots (a little over 15 mph) that offers easy operation, nimble handling, and – if Aquelo’s promotional video (below) is to be believed […]

April 15th

Friday Flashback: The DIY Urba Electric From 1977

By 1977, America had already gone through one major oil crisis, and unbeknownst to anyone, another one was just on the horizon. Even so, actual interest in electric vehicles as a replacement for combustion-powered automobiles was minimal at most, but there was enough interest for some enterprising entrepreneurs to launch ideas like the $1,800 Urba […]

NASA Showcases Incredible Electric Modular Robotic Vehicle

Electric cars aim to solve the Earth’s increasing problems with pollution, but their service to humanity can extend well past the planet’s surface. NASA has released a video of its incredible Modular Robotic Vehicle (MRV), an all-electric planet-hopping uber go-kart with four independent electric motors that give it a ton of versatility. Because it’s built […]

April 15th