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Ford F-150 Gets “Air Curtain” To Boost Aerodynamics & Fuel Efficiency

The Ford F-Series is #1 in US automobile sales. And it seems that it’s not getting a plug anytime soon (though a hybrid version is in the works). But US fuel economy regulations are pushing for it to get more fuel efficient, and consumers would love that as well. One way Ford is improving its efficiency is through […]

July 16th

Flashback Friday: A 1947 Volkswagen With Aerodynamics To Spare

At the end of World War II, much of Europe’s industry was devastated and there wasn’t a lot of money to spend on cars, or gas. While people loved the reliability of the Volkswagen Beetle, it was painfully slow even back then. VW engineers then developed an all-aluminum, uber-aerodynamic Beetle concept called the V2 Sagitta that could go nearly 90 mph using the same 24 horsepower engine.

April 12th