Flashback Friday: A 1947 Volkswagen With Aerodynamics To Spare

At the end of World War II, much of Europe’s industry was devastated and there wasn’t a lot of money to spend on cars, or gas. While people loved the reliability of the Volkswagen Beetle, it was painfully slow even back then. VW engineers then developed an all-aluminum, uber-aerodynamic Beetle concept called the V2 Sagitta that could go nearly 90 mph using the same 24 horsepower engine.

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How MotoCzysz’s Aerodynamics Helped Them Break 100 MPH At The TT Zero

Motoczysz became the first electric motorcycle team to average over 100 MPH across the over 37 miles of roads on the Isle of Man, and they have a huge rear wing and other aerodynamic enhancements to thank for putting them over the century mark.

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