Electric Mercedes Maybach Cabrio Heads to Monterey


Electric Mercedes Maybach Vision 6 Cabrio Top Down

Say what you will about Tesla or Fisker, it is my belief that Mercedes-Benz, “>through its Maybach sub-brand, is the undisputed master of EV design at the moment. To back up that wild claim, I present the following masterclass in automotive styling: the Vision 6 Mercedes Maybach Cabriolet.

As both a coupe and the all-new cabrio, the long hood and short deck design of the Vision 6 concept echo prewar Mercedes classics like the SSK while the rounded, almost-but-not-quite boat tail design at the rear recalls some of the better-looking Auto Union racers, as well. This, not the Tesla Roadster or Fisker Karma, is the car you show to people who say electric cars are ugly. This, not the Tesla Model 3 or the Nissan Leaf, is the car that you show to people who think the electric future is going to be boring. This car, kids, is the high water mark of automotive design, circa 2017.

You could also argue that the Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6 Cabriolet is the car you would show to someone- if there is still anyone left- who thinks the electric future will be slow. Thanks to four powerful, axle-mounted electric motors, the Vision 6 puts nearly 740HP to the ground via all four wheels. That’s enough power to catapult the massive roadster from zero to sixty in less than four seconds on the way to a top speed of more than 200 MPH. And all that is done on those ridiculous turbofan wheels!

Mercedes has the Vision Cabriolet on display now at Monterey Car Week- one of the many automotive events that surround the famous Concours d’Elegance– and it will be there through tomorrow, August 20th. If you’re in the area, snap a few pictures for us. We’ll publish them and ask what you thought of the big roadster up close. If you’re not nearby, feel free to complain about my insinuation that Ol’ Musky and his Tesla cars may not be the best things ever in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Mercedes Maybach Vision 6 Cabriolet | Gallery

Electric Mercedes Maybach Vision 6 Cabrio

Electric Mercedes Maybach Vision 6 Cabrio Top Down

Electric Mercedes Maybach Vision 6 Cabrio

Electric Mercedes Maybach Vision 6 Cabrio

Electric Mercedes Maybach Vision 6 Cabrio

Electric Mercedes Maybach Vision 6 Cabrio

Source | Images: Mercedes-Benz, via AutoExpress UK.

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  • Steve Hanley

    File under “Stupidest electric car ever built.” While Mercedes dicks around with this excrescence, real people are waiting for real electric cars they can drive to real places. Mercedes management from Dieter Zetsche on down still don’t get it and apparently never will.

    • Epicurus

      Speaking of making EVs for the masses, the Chevy Volt was introduced six years ago. Why hasn’t GM extended the same technology across its product line by now, i.e. in SUVs, pick-ups and larger sedans? WWII lasted less than six years.

      Imagine the effect on oil demand if all new vehicles had an AER of 35 to 50 miles.

      • Because their market research has shown them that there is insufficient demand to make that profitable.

        • Epicurus

          People don’t want to plug into a 110 outlet at night and “fill up” for less than the equivalent of a dollar a gallon?

          A friend just bought a plug-in Sonata and is doing just that. She loves it. She buys gasoline about once every six months.

          Of course GM doesn’t advertise that benefit so most people aren’t aware of it. Would the demand for iPods, iPads, and iPhones have been as great absent Apple’s intensive ad campaigns?

          • Advertising doesn’t create demand. Look at the Zune- Microsoft advertised it, and it bombed. Look at New Coke, if you’re old enough to remember that far back. The business world is littered with the carcasses of failed ideas and products that were advertised with massive budgets.

          • Epicurus

            Advertising won’t cause people to buy products they don’t like, but advertising can give people the information they need to decide whether or not they might like a product and whether or not they might want to explore it further.

            People didn’t like New Coke after they tasted it. Most people preferred the Apple product to the Zune.

            If people knew the benefits of EVs, more people would be interested in them IMO.

          • I think that’s true. Even with knowing the benefits, though, people buy from brands that celebs buy from. That enthusiasts buy from. Those people are influencers, so getting a guy like Juan Montoya into a Tesla gets all his fans to go “Wow, that thing must be cool.”

    • The average bozo buying F150s and Chevy Impalas won’t want an EV until there are enough aspirational EVs out there- it’s the standard diffusion of innovations model (econ 101), and cars like this will do far more to promote EVs to the everyman than an actual EV for the everyman.

      • Steve Hanley

        This is aspirational? I would feel like a jackass driving this thing, just as people who drove the ludicrous Ford Crown Victoria based Excalibur felt. I knew someone who bought one of those idiotic cars with the fake Stutz Blackhawk exhaust pipes, I spotted him one day in traffic and he practically hide behind the steering wheel to avoid being recognized.

        I find nothing aspirational about this car. It is about as ridiculous as Bob Lutz’s stillborn Cadillac Sixteen. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4a42e7807527a70c9cdafa45d138954fe2c53c8d1ad473ebc220e2411e04b788.jpg

        • Just think: the Ford Crown Victoria had better market share than all electric cars combined. So, yeah- maybe the social media chamber needs some adjustment because this thing will sell.

    • Damien

      It does look ridiculous… not enough hood, need more hood guys!

  • Alex

    This would be a great car for an entomologist. Turn the interior lights on and the car would transform into a bucketful of flying insects within minutes.

    • HAA!! I hope Steve Hanley quotes this comment when he writes his inevitable “I hate this car and you should, too” article.