Spy Shots Of Next Generation Nissan LEAF Appear Online


On paper, the second generation Nissan LEAF should be a big step up from the current car, which has been soldiering along in the marketplace for more than 5 years virtually unchanged. What was a pretty good electric car in 2012 is now hopelessly outdated. Anyone who thinks electric cars are not progressing very fast only needs to compare the existing LEAF to the Tesla Model 3. One is light years ahead of the other.

Nissan LEAF 2018

The Chevy Volt is already two years into its second generation but the updated LEAF won’t be here until September. The reports are that it will a much improved car, with longer range, more connectivity, and the availability of Nissan’s latest PROPilot Level 2 autonomous driving software. That’s all well and good, but what will it look like?

The LEAF has never been flashy. Its styling has always been a bit of a detraction from the overall goodness of the car. People who drive a LEAF love their cars but even they admit the styling is a bit frumpy. Now, thanks to an alert tourist in Barcelona, we have still photos of the new car shot from the window of hotel during a photo shoot. The photos were first aired by Norwegian news source TV2.

The photos are a bit blurry and only show the car from above, but it appears the new LEAF will have a lot more going for in the looks department than the original. Squint a little, and the new car resembles the Chevy Bolt a bit, especially at the rear where the roofline meets the hatchback. Both cars bear more than a passing resemblance to the Pontiac Vibe/Toyota Matrix twins that used to be manufactured in the Fremont, California factory where Tesla now builds its cars.

Not a lot of details are known about the second gen LEAF as of yet, except that it will feature what the company calls an e-Pedal — one pedal that controls both acceleration and regenerative braking. Other cars require drivers to operate a separate control mounted on the steering column to add more regen or select the desired level of regen on a touch screen while still in the driveway. The new Nissan technology may virtually eliminate the need to use the mechanical brakes at all except in emergencies and is entirely hands free.

Source: PushEVs.com

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  • Hallelujah! It finally looks like a proper car. The ugly design was among its biggest drawbacks until now.

    • Steve Hanley

      Our readers who drive a LEAF are very happy with their cars, but even they admit it is not a thing of beauty. This may not have the pizzazz of the Model 3, but it should please a lot of people with its 5 door hatchback design and larger carrying capacity.

    • Capta1n0bv1ous

      nooooo now my i3 will be alone without other ugly ev next to it

  • Marc P

    We’re getting closer to an SUV – type format which, with proper range and decent price, could go a long way to making it a success.

  • Epicurus

    What is that weird looking apparatus on top of the black car?

    • Marc P

      Maybe a video camera at the end of a boom ? Filming excerpts for a commercial ?

    • Brent Jatko

      Camera boom for a promo shoot?

  • Chris Overholt

    Hey, I love how my Leaf looks… Especially with the premium alloy wheels. 🙂

    • Kieran Delaney

      I like the NISMO Leaf but that’s the only one lol

  • mb

    I hope it has also has a bit more legroom than the current model and better seats than the Bolt. I’ll try to take it for a test drive when it arrives (in a month?). For the model 3 I still have to wait until spring 2018…

  • Kieran Delaney

    Looking good! Me likey..!