Who Is Building Electric Cars In Sparks, Nevada?


Something interesting popped up in my Google news alerts this morning. It was an announcement on Craigslist by West Valley Staffing Group, a Nevada employment agency. “Want To Build Electric Cars? (Sparks)” the headline reads. Here is the body of the announcement:

electric cars

Apply today and start your New Career in the Electric Car Industry!

Now hiring for production workers, temporary positions starting at $14.50 per hour!
Click here to apply and to begin the interview process: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WVSGSparks

For immediate consideration, bring your resume and visit us during office hours:

Every Monday through Thursday
10:00am – 2:00pm

West Valley Staffing Group
200 South Virginia Street – 8th Floor
Reno, NV 89501

For more information, give us a call: 775.686.2407

Hmmm…..who is planning to build electric cars in that area? Faraday Future is supposedly building a factory in North Las Vegas, although the company has been awfully quiet about its plans since Jia Yueting ran through all its money with little to show for it. Faraday Future did send one of its cars to compete in the Pikes Peak hill climb this year, where it beat the record for a production electric car set by a Tesla Model S last year according to a report in Endgadget.

A Google search found Source Guides.com, which offers a listing of all the electric vehicle manufacturers in the United States listed alphabetically and by state. None are shown in Nevada.

Could the mystery manufacturer be Nio or Lucid? Probably not. Lucid has signed a deal with the state of Arizona to build a factory south of Phoenix. Nio has not announced any plans to begin building cars in America and seems to be concentrating on the Chinese market for now.

Coincidence does not equal causality, but there is one company I know of that lists an address in Sparks. Mail for the Tesla Gigafactory is delivered to 1 Electric Ave, Sparks, NV 89434. That probably means nothing. Tesla doesn’t build cars in Nevada. Does it?

Something is afoot in Sparks, that much is certain. So who is hiring people to build electric cars there? No one knows. If any of our readers applies and finds out more, please let us know. You could win a Gas2 merit badge or some other tchotchke we find in the back of the broom closet.


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  • RMartens

    Tesla is building the model 3 powertrain subassembly in sparks. And the survey actually asks if you have ever applied to work for Tesla before. So, pretty sure the job is for Tesla temporary help.

    • James Rowland

      Just manufacturing Model 3 battery packs would count as participating in the building of electric cars.

      Yes, the announced Model 3 “powertrain” production at Gigafactory 1 could include other things too (like motors, inverters and complete drive units.) Since the factory is modular, there could be large differences in equipment between segments.

      There isn’t really such a thing as a “powertrain subassembly” though; the “skateboard” displays you’ve seen in Tesla stores don’t exist anywhere in the production line and are welded together by hand.

      In real production, the chassis rails and body are joined before painting, whereas the drive units and battery are among the last parts to be added to the car (and go in separately.)

    • Steve Hanley

      I never actually clicked through to the survey. Probably should have done so. Usually Tesla advertises openings directly on its website, which led me to believe perhaps these jobs were not with Tesla.