Win Free Tickets To Formula E Race In New York City. Gas2 Exclusive


Gas2 readers can win two grandstand tickets to the Formula E race weekend in Brooklyn, NY on July 15 and 16. Simply post a comment to this story telling us why you should be chosen. The deadline for responses is July 4 at 6 pm EDT. The winner will be chosen by our official contest selection committee consisting of myself and Carolyn Fortuna.

Formula E New York

Our decision will be final, non-appealable, and binding. Whining will be grounds for instant disqualification. Please tell us in your comment why you think electric car racing in general and Formula E racing in  particular is important to the coming electric car revolution. Tickets can be picked up at the media accreditation center on race weekend.

Be sure to leave us an e-mail address where you can be contacted. If you are not comfortable putting that information in a public comment, you can e-mail me at Please be sure to include your Disqus user name so I can match you with your comment.

The EPrix NYC will be the first FIA-sanctioned motorsports event to take place in any of the five boroughs of New York City in modern history. The 1.95 kilometer circuit will feature 10 turns as it winds through the waterfront neighborhood of Red Hook in Brooklyn, and with stunning views of the iconic Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty in the background.

Formula E driver Antonio Felix da Costa says, “To be the first FIA series to race in New York City is going to be amazing and the track layout looks really cool. We are going to be racing in a central part of New York City, one of the greatest cities in the world! To have a motorsports race, especially with Formula E, where we are part of the innovation of all the electric powertrains in the world, we will create awareness for all the people that have had question marks about this.”

Formula E track NYC

We want to thank Formula E for providing this opportunity to our readers. If you are the winner of the tickets and wish to share your race weekend experience with others, we will be happy to publish your thoughts so others can learn what it is like to attend a Formula E race.

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I have been a car nut since the days when Rob Walker and Henry N. Manney, III graced the pages of Road & Track. Today, I use my trusty Miata for TSD rallies and occasional track days at Lime Rock and Watkins Glen. If it moves on wheels, I'm interested in it. Please follow me on Google + and Twitter.
  • Shain Howie

    I have been car crazy since i was a 5yrs old. Im in the process of turning my miata in to a rally car and occasional track day. If it has wheels, and goes fast, I’m interested in it. Electric car racing in general and Formula E racing in particular is important to the coming electric car revolution because the advancement made on the track and performance racing will propel the electric car industry even further!

    • Steve Hanley

      You’re in the lead, Shain!

  • Drivesolo

    Born and breed New Yorker over here now living on the west coast (Seattle). A long time F1 fan from the days of Schumacher. I love motorsports and I’ve been participating one form or another since my days of Formula SAE back in school, autocross, time attack, to karting today. I’ve been involved in building EV karts for about 15 years now and I’m an EV owner and an advocate of the cause. I’ve been following Formula E since before its first season, watching nearly every race for the past 3 seasons. It’d be a great excuse for me to fly out to visit family and friends.

  • jamesjm

    We’ve had many automotive innovations that came from racing. From McPherson struts to disc brakes. Now the Formula racing is “E”, should stand for “energized”, will ultimately sling shot R&D in energy management, storage and motors. This will eventually trickle down to the E cars to the general public. Besides… it’s much quieter, saving everyone’s eardrums and amazingly fast. Formula E is going to grow up to be a formidable and competitive sport that will energize the fanbase and show the car companies the future.

  • hi,

    nice but one thing i want to say it how is it possible ,

  • Robert Hiby

    My father was born in NYC and has been a lifelong car and Motorsport fan. He actually attended every Meadowlands GP from 1984-1991 for IRL/Cart. That was the last organized Motorsport race in the NJ/NYC area until Formula E this month. My father and I have bonded over my life through cars, racing, and engineering. We even built our own Electric MR2 to be used in a “alternative energy” race. I would love these tickets so I could take my father to see the first organized Motorsport event in his home city since 1896.

  • Jackson Koo

    Been a huge fan of motorsports for years (as I’m sure many others here are), and being able to attend a race event in my backyard would be a fantastic experience, especially for something that is so fascinating and upcoming (electric vehicle technology).
    Much like Formula 1 has led to innovative technologies that are adapted in today’s vehicles, Formula E will be the pioneer for continuous advancement in the electric vehicle arena. The incentive to make the fastest, most durable, electric vehicle will greatly accelerate the development in the various technologies so that it becomes more mainstream at a much quicker pace.
    Even the robocar racing is already a prelude to what I’m sure will be self-driving vehicles in the future.

  • Eric

    Just an average guy I guess, but:
    – When I was in the Peace Corps in Kiribati in ’88, everybody saw sea level rise. Now the I-Kiribati all have to move. They’ve bought land in Fiji. I hope this isn’t whining, but this is all because Exxon and/or Mobil sat on the global warming research and the Li-Ion patent?

    – I suffered heavily on green cars, particularly straight veg, but the bears and mice were just too much for me…
    – We’ve owned an ’02 Prius for about 6 years. Very happy with the 45 MPG. Avoided the $3.3K batt replacement by taking it to Luscious Garage in SF. Batt has died again but we are still going to dodge our local monopolistic Toyota stealer by buying a rebuilt batt.

    – I recently bought a ’13 Leaf for $5.8K and couldn’t be happier.
    – Racing is always where the research happens. If Formula E catches on we will see huge investments. How ’bout battery swaps for LeMans?

    – I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen at the local short track when the “Good ol’ Boys” see Ludicrous Mode up close.