New Fisker EMotion Revealed: 400 Mile Range, 9 Minute Charge Time


Henrik Fisker has taken the wraps off the new Fisker EMotion electric sedan he says will compete head to head with the Tesla Model S. Fisker made his reputation as an automotive designer and the new car is certainly easy on the eyes. He claims it can go 400 miles on a full battery charge and then recharge in just 9 minutes. Fisker originally promised to reveal the car in August but moved the date forward by two months.

Fisker EMotion

Graphene infused supercapacitors developed by a team of researchers at UCLA are credited with making fast recharging times possible. “Graphene shows a higher electron mobility, meaning that electrons can move faster through it. This will charge a battery much faster,” says Lucia Gauchia, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering and energy storage systems at Michigan Technological University. “Graphene is also lighter and it can present a higher active surface, so that more charge can be stored.”

Jack Kavanaugh, formerly with Nanotech Energy, has now partnered with Henrik Fisker to form Fisker Nanotech. “The challenge with using graphene in a supercapacitor in the past has been that you don’t have the same density and ability to store as much energy,” Kavanaugh says. “We have solved that issue with technology we are working on. Altering the structure of the graphene has allowed them to improve the supercapacitor’s energy density.”

Top speed of the Fisker EMotion is claimed to be 161 miles per hour. Both the top speed and the range exceed the capabilities of the Tesla Model S, but Fisker does not have nearly the brand recognition that Tesla enjoys. After his first venture into electric cars ended in bankruptcy, he may find his cars are tinged with hint of negativity, at least at first.

Fisker says the EMotion will have world leading connectivity and autonomous driving capability, although few details have been released at this point. It seems unlikely those features will be available when the first cars are produced. Fisker has also not released prices for the EMotion or mentioned anything about availability.

Source: BGR

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  • walter

    i presume you need a 120kwh battery to go 400 miles.
    When you charge that battery in 9 minutes you need a supercharger capable to deliver 800 (eight hundred) kw

    • RandomThesis

      My guess is the 9 minute charge is not a full charge. Advertising.

    • bioburner

      Yup don’t see too many of those 800 KW chargers around here. I expect it can still charge faster than lithium ion batteries if there is no charge taper.

    • curly4

      What would the input voltage to that charger have to be? 240 V or 480 V?

      • kvleeuwen

        10 kV three phase at a minimum.

  • bioburner

    I like the range and recharge time on that battery. Would silence a lot of EV naysayers…..if its true and it works as described.

  • JP

    I hope it’s all true, but numbers are easy to say, much harder to prove. aka easier said than done

    • curly4

      Amen! That you can say again. But it is one more step closer to that goal that a person can recharge their car while taking a food and rest stop while being able to put more charge in the batter stated here because it would take longer than nine minutes in most cases.

    • Steve Hanley

      The supercap tech may be more important than the car.

  • Super Capacitor Tech like what Fisker is touting is far more important, if it is actually real, as Steve said.