Qoros Automotive Model K-EV Features Electric Powertrain From Koenigsegg Regera

Qoros Automotive will unveil its latest high performance plug-in hybrid car — the Qoros Model K-EV, at the  Shanghai auto show this month. The car will feature the hybrid electric powertrain used in the awe inspiring all wheel drive Koenigsegg Regera, a 1500 horsepower supercar from the iconic Swedish specialty vehicle manufacturer. Using a proven powertrain elevates the Model K-EV from just another concept car to one with real production potential.

Qoros K-EV will have AWD electric powertrain

The Model K-EV uses an innovative Clever Carbon Cabin technology to create a seamlessly integrated cabin made primarily of carbon fiber. It uses means the car can be significantly lighter than a conventional car for higher performance with greater safety. The carbon fiber chassis contributes to the car’s refined and simplified appearance, while aerodynamic design features and sleek body lines help to enhance its performance and increase energy efficiency by significantly reducing wind drag.

The Model K-EV was created by an international design and engineering team to offer customers premium driving and riding experiences and a taste of future mobility. It is notable for its unique arrangement of doors creates a unique and distinctive experience for the driver and passengers.

On the driver’s side, a gullwing door provides easy of access to the interior. A double hinged passenger side door opens outward like a conventional door or can slide forward as needed. The rear passenger door features a sliding system to ensure maximize convenience and ease of use for passengers entering and exiting the car. Once inside, passengers will notice the car’s interior has been designed to create two distinct cabin spaces, providing rear seat passengers with a more comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

Dr Leon Liu, chief executive officer of Qoros Automotive, says the Model K-EV represents a crucial milestone furthering the company’s new energy strategy. Following the debut of Model K-EV at Shanghai Auto, plans are being drawn to put Model K-EV into mass production in 2019.

Source: Electric Cars Report


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