BYD Built More Cars With Plugs Than Any Other Manufacturer In 2016


The numbers are out and for the second year in a row, China’s BYD can claim the title at the world’s largest manufacturer of cars with plugs — either plug-in hybrids or battery electric vehicles. The numbers are for passenger cars and do not include the electric buses that BYD is manufacturing both in China and the United States or any of the low-speed models that are known in the US as Neighborhood Electric Vehicles that are not licensed for highway travel.

BYD Tang plug-in hybrid SUV

All told, BYD sold  a total of 100,178 electrified vehicles — 46,905 battery electrics and 53,273 plug-in hybrids. The company makes two plug-in hybrid models. The Qin sedan accounted for 21,868 sales while the stylish Tang SUV chalked up 31,405 sales.

Some Americans may be familiar with the battery electric e6, a five door front wheel drive wagon that has recently had its battery upgraded to 80 kWh for an EPA rated range of 187 miles. A fleet of them are being used by Uber drivers in the Chicago area as BYD evaluates its readiness to take on the American market. It has a 72 MPGe rating, which is fairly underwhelming, considering the new Toyota Prius Prime is rated at 133 MPGe and the recently introduced Kia Niro crossover is rated 150 MPGe..

The company currently sells no cars here but says, “BYD has not launched consumer vehicle sales in North America, but has sold more than 16,000 e6s worldwide year to date. When BYD does launch in North America, we look forward to competitive sales figures here as well.”

For battery electrics. BYD sold 20,605 of the e6 wagons, 10,656 Qin EV models, and 15,639 of the smaller e5 sedans. It also sold 5 of its T3 electric commercial vans. Not included in the numbers are any of the Denza compact hatchbacks that BYD builds in partnership with Daimler. The company says it sold 13,278 all-electric buses in 2016 and a total of 859 battery electric commercial trucks.

BYD may not be a household name in the US yet, but it is definitely one of the leaders in the green car revolution worldwide.

Source: Green Car Reports & CleanTechnica & EV Volumes

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  • Epicurus

    “BYD sold a total of 100,178 electrified vehicles”

    Pathetic for a dictatorship. The Politburo could prohibit the sale of ICE vehicles tomorrow and move the transition along a lot faster.

    • Steve Hanley

      That wasn’t the total sold in China, just BYD’s portion. I believe without looking it up that some 300,000+ EVs were sold in China last year — considerably more than any other country.

      • Epicurus

        Okay, 300,000 is better, but still pathetic for a country its size. The U.S. sold what last year, 159,000 EVs?

        Again, what is the use of having a dictatorship if it doesn’t dictate, for the common good this time?

        Has the world ever had a dictatorship that ruled for the common good? Can’t think of one, but this could be China’s big chance to gain the respect of the entire world and take the lead in clean energy and clean air and water since Trump will try to remove us from contention (he can slow down the transition but it’s too late to stop it–the ship has sailed).

  • Jim Smith

    are we going to put a 25% tariff on Chinese cars like the Chinese put on US made cars?

    • Steve Hanley

      Or require them to partner with a domestic corporation if they want to build cars here? I’m not much of a Trump fan, as you know, but the blatantly unequal trade policies of China and the US can and should be addressed.

      Perhaps after he is through blowing NKorea off the face of the earth?

      • Epicurus