The Best Revenge Against Trump Is A FIAT 500e


Photo courtesy of Fiat USA

This is not sponsored content. This is California Desperation. At a time when the CEO of Exxon is being tapped for Secretary of State and the outgoing President has to ban the destruction Putin & Tillerson are eager to unleash on the Arctic Circle and anywhere else they can, everyone who possibly can should be driving electric. This Fashionsta thinks the 500e is the best EV for all on price, looks, and fun factor. The stats on this hottie here.

At Refuel in 2012 I drove a Fiat 500e for the first time and reviewed it here. They set up an autocross course at Laguna Seca and it was absolutely the most fun I’ve ever had on four wheels. I always thought if I had to drive a car I would drive a 500e because they’re so much fun. Well, a few weeks ago I broke my wrist in a motorcycle crash so I have to drive a car now at least for a little while. Desperate, I called my local Fiat dealer to see if there’s any way they could do a short-term lease, as there’s no way I could drive a car in Los Angeles for long-term. The salesman was very helpful and he explained to me that while they don’t do a short-term lease, I might want to hear about their long-term lease…

Fiat is giving away cars

For only $99 a month with a $2,000 down payment, or $59/month with $5,000 down, you can lease a 500e in California for 10,000 miles a year for three years. The only catch is, this amazing deal expires December 31 of this year when the federal tax credit of $7500 expires. Then the price will have to go up accordingly.  All thanks to our pathetic federal government, who would rather subsidize oil companies than electric vehicle owners. So the car will probably cost $7500 dollars more after December 31. Unless Trump’s Strategic Advisor Elon Musk talks some sense into Putin’s Puppet.

However the California state tax credit is still in effect, so $2500 of your down payment will be returned to you with your tax return. Which is something to look forward to in 2017. Jalopnik covered this deal here, where commenter Tom McParland included a spreadsheet to show just how much money he’s saving. Many other commenters complained that the 500e is not available in their state. Hey Fiat, you’re missing a LOT of customers here…

Photo courtesy of Fiat USA

Not only is this car ridiculously cheap to lease and loads of fun to drive, it’s also infinitely more reliable than a gas-powered Fiat. As an EV owner I have been astounded at how little work I’ve had to do to my electric vehicle in the 3 1/2 years I’ve had it. It’s such a relief not only not having to go to gas stations but also never having to deal with oil changes, strange things breaking in the motor, problems with the transmission, etc.

And the value of leasing over buying in this case is that batteries are continually getting cheaper and better so why invest in 2016 batteries when 2020 batteries will be amazing? By 2020 you almost won’t even need to own a car in Los Angeles, as the Metro system will be far closer to completion by then. Maybe by 2020, even Elon Musk’s snooty neighbors in Bel Air will approve the tunnel he so desperately needs. Elon doesn’t need to build a tunnel under the 405, because Metro is already planning to do so. They just have to go up against a lot of NIMBYs in his neighborhood. More on that later…

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Susanna is passionate about anything fast and electric. As long as it’s only got two wheels. She covers electric motorcycle racing events, test rides electric motorcycles, and interviews industry leaders. Occasionally she deigns to cover automobile events in Los Angeles for us as well. However, she dreams of a day when Los Angeles’ streets resemble the two-wheeled paradise she discovered living in Barcelona and will not rest until she’s converted the masses to two-wheeled bliss.

  • roseland67

    Why does anyone need “revenge” against Trump, he hasn’t done anything yet?

    • Kieran Delaney

      You say that like you don’t anticipate anything bad…just this morning he used the death of 12 people in Berlin, as justification for his wish to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S….and he has already started a political furore with China….all before he’s even moved into 1600 Penn…

      I mean…you do know who he planted as head of the EPA don’t you?!

      Besides, I believe Susanna is referring to the idea of ‘Trump’, more than the person himself. Usually I would say “only time will tell”…but that would betray the inevitability of Trumpocalypse…

      • roseland67


        I did NOT vote for him, I was just commenting on the “revenge” piece, like he directly caused harm to one of my children.

        I suggest you write down all of the “bad” things you think are going to happen during his presidency, and when hisbterm is complete, review them and see what actually happened.

        • James Rowland

          Well, some of his campaign pledges make a viable list of harms – though I also wonder how much of that was merely posturing as a means of virtue signalling to the far right. The guy, after all, is an inveterate confidence man; this is what he does best.

          You can also add some of the stated agendas of his staff picks to that list. These seems more likely to turn into actual policy, so perhaps put them at the top?

          A fundamentalist wants to open the way for sectarian religious ideology in state schools, contrary to the Constitution and the interests of nonpartisan education.

          An oil company executive wants to indefinitely extend fossil fuel dependency, contrary to strategic economic and political interests.

          I could go on…

          • roseland67


            You could go on most assuredly as much as the other side of the aisle.

            As I suggested above, write down everything you think this rumball is going to do, NOT say,
            But actually do, and then after 4 years review it.

  • James Rowland

    Yes, availability is still very limited. Monetizing ZEV credits with the sale of other (ICE) cars is the only reason they build these.

    You can’t even buy one in Italy…

  • Rick Danger

    It’s the best revenge against Sergio too, he claimed Fiat loses $14,000 on each 500e 🙂

    • Then he should find a better deal on batteries, since they’re getting cheaper all the time.

  • joemap

    Source for $7,500 Federal Tax Credit ending December 31st? First I’ve heard that.

  • sixpackdan

    What the phuck does an electric anything have to do with President Trump? I own a Zero motorcycle, a gem 4 door cart, an electric lawnmower, and a 500e. I voted for the man no phucks given. GIVE IT THE PHUCK UP HE WON stop with the bullshit agenda cry baby living in moms basement bullshit OR are you ALL racist pricks and hate white people? THATS IT ISNT IT? YOUR RACIST!!! that sounds just as stupid coming out of a conservatives mouth as a liptards.