Trump Chooses Sworn Enemy Of EPA To Head EPA


Donald Trump has followed through on one of his most audacious campaign promises by nominating one of the most vociferous critics of the Environment Protection Agency to be its next director — Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt. According to an Environmental Defense Fund spokesman, Pruitt has challenged the legality of an EPA finding that forms the basis for its ability to limit carbon dioxide emissions, including those for autos. Oh, great. Trump is willing to sacrifice the health and safety of every American in order to let his friends in the oil and gas industry continue to rape and pillage the land in pursuit of corporate profits.


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“For too long, the Environmental Protection Agency has spent taxpayer dollars on an out-of-control anti-energy agenda that has destroyed millions of jobs, while also undermining our incredible farmers and many other businesses and industries at every turn,” Trump said in a statement released by his transition team. “As my EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt…will reverse this trend and restore the EPA’s essential mission of keeping our air and our water clean and safe.”

Appointing a fossil fuel advocate to keep our air and water safe is an oxymoron of such staggering proportions that it beggars belief. Knowing that The Donald would almost certainly move to dismantle the EPA — discarding CAFE regulations in the process — is likely the primary reason why the agency on December 1 published its proposed final fuel economy rules that will be applicable until 2025. The rules have a 30 day comment period which will be up by the end of the year. Look for the EPA to make the rules permanent on the first business day of the new year. Doing so will make it harder for The Trumpster to overturn them and give environmentalists more leverage to resist rescinding them.

All of the major car makers have joined in a concerted effort by their trade group – the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers — to block the rules and get permission to build any damn vehicles they want, subject only to which models will fill corporate coffers with the most shekels. The environment be damned. Of course, consumers can fight back by simply refusing to buy cars manufactured by any of the companies that are part of the Alliance.

Its mealy mouthed CEO, Mitch Bainwol, said the group hopes to work with Pruitt to help ensure that the mid-term evaluation “is completed thoroughly and with close attention to achieving a balanced outcome so that we can continue to achieve gains in fuel efficiency and carbon reduction while also protecting customer affordability and auto-dependent jobs.”

Using his position as attorney general of Oklahoma, Pruitt has filed suit against many of the EPA’s rules, including a regulation slashing greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, a water pollution measure, and the agency’s conclusion that carbon dioxide is a pollutant endangering public health and welfare. Yup, what we need is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, Scott!

Several senators immediately said they would oppose his nomination, including U.S. Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., who called Pruitt “unsuitable to lead the EPA” because of his history “carrying water for Big Oil. The EPA is our cop on the beat, protecting the American people and our environment from harmful pollution, hazardous waste and the impacts of climate change,” Markey said in an e-mailed statement. “He has dedicated years of his career to rolling back the bedrock laws and rules that protect our water and our air.”


Environmental groups are already laying the groundwork for the confirmation hearing for Pruitt, urging their supporters to lobby the Senate to reject Pruitt. “That’s a tough fight. We know that,” said Seth Gladstone, a spokesman for the Washington-based Food & Water Watch. “We will appeal to senators’ sense of moral obligation to protect the earth and human health.” Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, signaled Pruitt faces a tough battle. “We are totally mobilizing on this one,” Schatz told reporters in Washington, adding that he expects “it will be extremely difficult” for Pruitt to be confirmed.

Maybe. Senate rules now prevent a filibuster to block Cabinet level appointments. Since virtually all Republicans in the Senate are beholden to the oil and gas industry for their jobs, finding one or two who are willing to break ranks with their colleagues is going to be very difficult. Welcome to Trumperica, where “profits not people” will be the watchwords the next administration lives by. Without an EPA, America will be able to get back to the halcyon days when we burned coal and lots of it to keep our economy humming.

We are now entering at least four  years of what some call a kakacracy — a government composed of the worst people possible. But that’s OK. At least we won’t have any people of color, any immigrants, any Muslims or Jews, any Mexicans, or any homosexuals in Trumperica. People will urinate where we tell them to, not wherever they feel like. Kinda makes a white person feel proud, doesn’t it?

Source: Automotive News with contributions from Bloomberg

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  • Mike J

    The sad, miserable truth is that the climate doesn’t care about politics or profits. The climate doesn’t even care about living things. The climate can’t be negotiated with to delay the consequences or give us a do-over. As more and more carbon builds in the atmosphere, the polar ice caps will continue to melt, the sea levels will continue to inundate coastal communities, rising temperatures and heat waves will continue to kill people, plants, and animals, and oceans will continue to become so acidic that most aquatic organisms cannot survive. We are allowing a few corporations to destroy the only planet we have and most of its inhabitants, all in the name of profit and greed. God help us.

    • Steve Hanley

      All true, Mike. I learned a new phrase yesterday: climate grief. Whatever will we tell our children when they ask why we allowed this to happen? “Well, you see kids, the American people decided it was best to elect representatives who wanted to protect corporate profits more than they wanted to protect the people who voted for them.”

      “Oh, I see, Dad. Makes perfect sense to me now…..” : – (

      • Mike J

        Yes, I’m sure they’ll be sympathetic. NOT!

  • zn

    Jerry Brown for President 2020.

    • Steve Hanley

      Can’t we find someone who is not a septuagenarian? America needs bright young leaders with both feet firmly planted in the 21st century. Unfortunately, our political process is so toxic it discourages anyone who isn’t a raging narcissist or complete crook from running. That is not good for the long term hopes for America.

      Personally, I like Robert Reich but he’s another old fart like me. Jon Stewart maybe?

  • bioburner

    So our only option will be to donate money to as many groups as possible and have them sue Pruitt? So even if the senate rejects Pruitt all dumpster has to do is wait till Congress is filled with his republican buddies and then go again?
    I see no good out of this appointment and envision a long line of law suits. The people involved in this process must be slow. Everybody knows that going green GENERATES jobs.
    EDIT so sorry my spelling skills no good. It should be D. Trump not dumpster.

    • Steve Hanley

      The problem is the lunatic right now owns the courts as well. We are so screwed.

  • Alice

    If you study the Global Central Banking system: begin w/”The History of Money”by xat/the “Who Controls the Money” and gradually realize you have been mislead. Mark Twain said it was easier to fool a man than to convince him he has been fooled. I hope you will be the exception. The Bank for International Settlements [the BIS] is the ONE bank of the world; it [and the 140-150familes who have owned it for hundreds of years] own/controls virtually every bank on the planet as well as the fake/fiat currency system and therefore it owns global governments/media; stunning/breathtaking power and wealth. The global economy/fiat system has been deliberately engineered to slowly crash. These psychopathic global bankers consider humanity as sheep/cockroaches. Stealing the world’s most valuable assets has proven to be easier for them than stealing candy from a baby. There most powerful tools are media propaganda to misinform/distract the public and ‘herd’ the Sheeple down the chutes.

    Global warming is a hoax. In fact, the earth has been in a cooling trend, the ice fields have been expanding and it became necessary to alter the name of the hoax to ‘global climate change’. The intention of this hoax was to convince humanity it was responsible for climate change which is a lie. However, the seeds of the dreaded carbon footprint had been successfully planted and the sheeple didn’t even notice the name change of the propaganda.

    Many globalists made millions and billions with this hoax but that was not the primary goal. The globalist banks desire a New World Order and their minions speak of it regularly. The BIS, located in Basel, Switzerland, is where the Barons de Rothschild and their cronies sit on the throne as the collective King of the World. They have Agenda21 and beyond plans for humanity and geo-engineering with HAARP and more is part of their program. I believe HAARP is responsible for the drought in the south west.

    This NWO; the “global governance” the central banks seek, would not be welcomed by humanity so the hoax of human activity creating climate change advances to the “most catastrophic threat facing ALL humanity”. This morphs into ALL of humanity “uniting” under “global governance” with the United Nations acting as a ‘front’ for the Rothschilds tyrannical domination of the planet while the IMF acts as the “global bank”.

    If you think that’s a fantastic notion; do the research and FOLLOW THE MONEY. If you doubt you or others could be ‘fooled’ look around you. Look at the declarations and behavior of college kids being raised by gov/state “schools”; the new UNIgender or “transgender revolution”, “feminist ideology” all funded by the Rockefellers; the banks, social engineering of humanity. Then, of course, the oldest trick in the book: Divide and Conquer.

    Get the chain of command firmly in your mind; the ONE bank owns all governments/creates all fake/fiat “money”. Who unleashed the Jahadis into Europe? The banks through their political minions; they want to destroy nations/culture/. Who’s bringing them into the US by the tens of thousands? The Global Central Banks Obummer works for as well as the Clinton’s, the Bushes; all of them. The global climate hoax is meant to encourage people to have fewer children [one aspect of the greatly desired depopulation agenda] but most profoundly to destroy nations. The U.N. will make “international LAW” to “save” the planet. UN “laws” will supersede national law and therefore sovereignty. The globalists wish to kill off billions of humans [hence GMO; medical “industry” is now death industry; poisoned water et al] and they wish to choose who will live and die as well as locate them where the globalists want them to be. I am not suggesting they will succeed with this madness… but they are doing a bang up job so far.