Henrik Fisker Takes The Wraps Off His EMotion Sedan


Henrik Fisker has been playing his cards close to his vest these past few weeks. First he announced he had formed a new company to build electric cars called Fisker, Inc. Then he told us he had formed another new company called Fisker Nanotech to manufacture a new EV battery that uses graphene to combine the best properties of a lithium ion battery and a supercapacitor. After a few teaser photos made the rounds on the internet, Fisker has now released a photo of the actual car, which will be called the EMotion.

Fisker EMotion electric car

The Fisker EMotion will include a large curved front windscreen pushed forward, diving into an extremely low hood. The rear features an integrated spoiler and aggressive functional diffusor to aid aerodynamics. The Fisker EMotion will also feature butterfly doors for easier egress and ingress. At first glance, the design is curvaceous and appealing, despite a fairly busy nose.

Fisker has kept the front and rear overhangs as short as possible to maximize interior room. He claims his car has more interior space than its closest competitor. That would be the Tesla Model S, which has never been accused of being small on the inside. The interior will emphasize ultimate comfort and a graphic user interface for both front and rear seat passengers. All seats will have access to screens and infotainment features.

Fisker has released other details. He says the EMotion will feature a composite carbon fiber and aluminum structure with innovative battery integration. It will come with the hardware necessary to permit Level 5 autonomy once regulators approve such technology on public roads. The hardware will come from an as yet undisclosed technology partner, but MobilEye would be a good guess.

The Fisker EMotion will be built by VLF – a company partially owned by Henrik Fisker. The EMotion is due to be shown in public for the first time in mid 2017. Fisker says deliveries will begin shortly thereafter. The first deliveries will be announced after the vehicle is shown in mid 2017.

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Source: Electric Cars Report  Photo credits: Fisker

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  • smartacus

    i’m all for the EMoticon, but why get into a pecker contest for who has the most interior room?

    i’d rather concentrate on who has the most dynamic suspension.

  • Ed

    My hope is that Fisker is really not betting on a whole new battery technology, but is rather using a few supercaps to increase braking recovery, in addition to current-technology lithium ion batteries.

  • Kieran Delaney

    It’s ugly, in my opinion. I find the Porsche Mission-E to be far more beautiful than this , which looks more like it should be in the next Transformers film as a character.

    • BigWu

      I think it looks extremely similar to the Mission-E and both are lovely.

      That said, the EMotion’s extra vents on the front are curious. I’d expect that kind of venting on a fuel cell car (all the better to gulp down needed oxygen) but on a BEV?

      And the vents on the front quarterpanels… I presume they’re for brake cooling given their position, but with high torque regen only emergency braking is needed. Form over function?

  • Jonatan Öström

    Looks like a TM3 pimped in PS by a 9 year old.

  • Gary Munkhoff

    If all the Fiskers, BMWs, Mercedes, Audis, VWs, Fords, Chevys, Teslas, Nissans, Porches, Aston Martins, Faradays, Hyundais, Citroens, Volvos, and Apples(?) that are promised, actually come to market with all the features claimed, the only ICE markets left standing will be full sized pickups and SUVs

    • BigWu

      The Tesla S has already taken a third of the US large luxury car market (32%). The Tesla X SUV, still very much supply constrained, is already at #8 in the large luxury SUV segment.

      With many BEV/PHEV competitors in the SUV market announced, it won’t be long before that market is ceded.

      The Tesla S (400k preorders) and Chevy Bolt look to take the midsized/compact market.

      That leaves only pickups.