Gov’t Officials to Tour Elio Motors Factory Looking for Answers



Government officials in Shreveport, Louisiana will be headed to Elio Motors’ factory in order to get a firsthand look at the condition of the plant and, hopefully, get some questions answered. Basic, simple questions. Questions like, “Where is Elio and the promise of that 3-wheeled car? And what’s happening inside the old General Motors plant in Shreveport?” according to the local ABC news affiliate.

You can hardly blame them for being a little curious. Especially after years of Elio making dubious promises without delivering on- well, any of them.

Elio Motors’ promises of 1500 new jobs and economic recovery for the people of Shreveport, Louisiana were met with a great deal of excitement from the Caddo parish. So much so, in fact, that the parish voted 11:1 in favor of having the beleaguered town spend three-million of its taxpayers’ dollars to help Elio move in to the abandoned GM factory. That was back in August of 2013. Three years later, the jobs haven’t appeared, and neither have any of Elio’s “innovative”, low-tech, high-MPG three-wheeled vehicles.

I bet the early plan to just rip all the copper wire out of the old GM plant and sell it for scrap seems like a good one now, doesn’t it? State. Rep. Cedric Glover seems to think so, and has started to invoke federal investigation into Elio from the looks of things. “I think that an investigation needs to be held both at the state level,” he said. “I think the possibility exists that the folks at the Federal level should have a substantial interest in this, since that’s where all of this started.”


Don’t let my cynical nature and previous knowledge of exactly this sort of thing sway you, though. Make up your own mind, and tell me why you think I’m wrong about Elio in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Before you do that, though- maybe watch the ABC news article, below, and see if that sways you. Enjoy!


Gov’t Officials to Tour Elio Motors Factory Looking for Answers

Source | Images: – Shreveport, LA News, Weather and Sports.

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  • Rick Danger

    Enough’s enough already. Heck, even if they turned it into a warehouse, they’d employ *some* people.
    LA has wasted enough time on Elio.
    (still LMAO at that photo :D)

    • I have been waiting three years to use that picture. Worth it.

  • curly4

    I wonder if any one in the federal government knew what was to happen. It kinda sounds like Solindra to me.

    • Solyndra got caught out by rapidly plummeting costs of silicon-based solar, which upended its business model and made its proprietary tech pretty much obsolete overnight. This isn’t a technology issue, IMO.

      • Rick Danger

        Also, IIRC, Solyndra got @ $500 million in gov’t money; I don’t think Elio has gotten any yet, and it doesn’t look like they are going to get any.
        Game Over.

  • Cris Cassity

    Elio could have the vehicle in full production by simply following the industry standard and selling it for $11,500. That’s why you’re wrong. Elio has stuck to his guns,more or less,by only raising the original offer fro $6,800 to $7,300. The low price and fuel economy are necessary for the product to be successful! Thank you.

  • Kerry Carter

    Looks like he’s comfortable in small places. That’s good because where he’s going it will be small also. I always believed this to be a scam. Why has the gov decided to take a look at this point and not a year ago or more. I hope I’m wrong but those deposits are probably long gone.

  • James R Reynolds

    Vehicle is classified a motorcycle. Only 30 states recognize autocyle classification. Other 20 have to have a MC license and wear a helmet. Not saying they shouldn’t have known but a deal breaker

  • Dallas Croissant

    I know it’s easy to criticize Elio but people please. It takes time to build something right. I do admit Elio should not have promised as fast results when they should have known it was a much longer process to get a great product to market. I for one really believe in this idea. Think about it! A vehicle that gets outstanding gas mileage and is more affordable to many people struggling to put food on the table. Please be patient. Rome was not built in a day. Bad mouthing a great idea is not going to get this great and much needed car to market. Let the company have the time to get it right. Rushing a good idea to market without taking the time to do it right would only produce a car not worthy of the great idea and much needed results. Things have progressed and in the end I think all the naysayers will have a Elio parked in there driveway happy there were people willing to give this wonderful idea to folks that could really use this car to better there lives.

    • cuddlypineapple

      Exactly right Dallas. I think the main thing they’re guilty of was expecting that government loan to come through quickly. The Elio team has successfully lobbied to get autocycle laws passed in numerous states and if the investment money would just come together this vehicle would be a hit and all of the Elio trolls would have to find something else to hate on. BTW haters, if it was a scam they wouldnt be adjusting the price upwords and signing contracts with all of these reputable industry suppliers.

      • If the $300 million dollars that Elio’s business plan clearly indicates would be difficult to pay back, even at 250,000 cars/year ever materializes? THAT investment money? Puh-lease.

    • *their lives.

  • While Elio did advertise on gas 2 for a while, that’s not really how internet ads work. You should explore Google AdWords and see how your individual, unique web history determines what ads you see on the sites you visit. In many places where you see Elio ads, others see ads for cook books, scooters, ammo, or whatever else their search history indicates to advertisers they may be interested in.

    Seems like we may be frauds or we may not be, but you’re definitely clueless. I hope you get your Elio deposit back, though. Keep the faith- and keep leaving comments about how much we suck (traffic is traffic, after all). 😉

  • “I think that an investigation needs to be held both at the state level, I think the possibility exists that the folks at the Federal level should have a substantial interest in this,”

    About time… a little late actually.

  • Schizy

    Peach: Spoken like a true “all in” sucker with well founded suspicion. QUOTE:
    “they are legitimately trying to launch a company”…..really? Since 2009? If you say so.

  • Cburg

    I think if they sold it for a cool $10k it would make it. As long as it is safe, and handles well, it would be all the rage!