Geely To Announce New Brand On October 20 In Berlin

Geely, the Chinese automaker that bought Volvo from Ford 6 years ago, says it will announce a new brand called Lynk & Co. on October 20 in Berlin. The first of the new cars will go on sale in China next year. Sales in Europe and the US are expected sometime thereafter. The cars will be the first to be built on the Complex Modular Architecture (CMA) platform developed by Geely together with Volvo.

Geely Emgrand is not an EVThe Lynk & Co. brand is designed to take on the vehicles produced by foreign manufacturers working in conjunction with Chinese partners, such as General Motors and SAIC. GM is now importing the Buick Envision crossover SUV, built in China, into the US. Most major manufacturers such as Ford, Chrysler, Mercedes, BMW, and Volkswagen, among others, have entered the Chinese market with cars built locally with Chinese partners. That will leave Volvo to focus on the luxury end of the market and Geely to compete against domestic producers.

The first Lynk & Co. model will be an SUV, which will be followed later by a sedan. The cars will be sold through Geely’s existing dealership network in China, a person with knowledge of the plan tells Automotive News. New factories will be set up to make cars for the new brand. Once it is established in China it will export to other markets, that person says.

The company is currently running a contest online in which people are asked to guess what future modes of transportation might be. “What can cars still bring us? What new possible means of travel will tomorrow bring?”

For the moment, there are no details to share about the size, price, or features to be found in Lynk & Co. vehicles. We don’t even know if they will be conventional cars, hybrids, plug-in hybrids or powered by moonbeams. All we know is that Geely has done an excellent job maintaining the reputation of Volvo since it purchased the company. There is no reason to think the new brand will not be carefully targeted to the needs and expectations of today’s drivers.

Source: Automotive News


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