ChargePoint Adds Waitlist Feature To Charging System

ChargePoint, the largest public charging system in the US, has added a new feature called Waitlist. It allows drivers to reserve a spot at the nearest charging station. It will also notify them when their car is fully charged so they can move it, allowing the next person in line to hook up. Waitlist allows an electric car driver to reserve a charging time slot without having to physically hang around a charging facility and wait for an opportunity to pull the car up to a charging station.

ChargePoint charging station

The app makes charging more efficient and stress free. During a pilot program of the app earlier this year, ChargePoint says Waitlist boosted station utilization by 20% on average and 45% at stations that are particularly busy. An average of 500 drivers queued up at stations on any given day during the trial program and all received “adequate” charging, according a ChargePoint press release said. The company claims its Waitlist feature is the first of its kind for public charging stations.

In a press release, the company says, “Waitlist lets electric vehicle drivers use their mobile phone or ChargePoint card to get in line at charging stations when all of the ports are full. Drivers get a friendly message when their EV is charged, asking them to move it. Once they unplug, ChargePoint notifies the next driver in line and holds the station until that driver plugs in. Drivers can also take advantage of automatic scheduling to place them on a particular WaitlLst every day, which is especially useful for busy workplace.”

For employers, the system will help mediate disputes among workers since it will identify those who hog the charging stations and do not move their cars promptly when charging is completed. Happier employees make for happier work places and that boosts productivity. The Waitlist feature can also add drivers to the queue at a given charging station automatically each day.

Drivers reported that Waitlist helps alleviate the “stress and tension of sharing stations,” according to the company. The feature will be available at all ChargePoint locations soon, including the 95 DC fast charging stations just added along major highways on both coasts that were recently added in cooperation with BMW and Volkswagen.


Steve Hanley

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