Samsung May Soon Enter The Electric Car Fray


Editor’s Note: We covered rumors back in 2013 that Samsung might have plans to produce electric cars. The rumors seem to have finally been confirmed. We’ll keep you updated on where this leads.

Apple and Samsung are like star-crossed lovers, chasing each other through time and space but never able to resolve their differences. Samsung has proved to be a worthy adversary in the battle for smartphone customers. The two have pursued each other in various court battles, accusing each other of patent infringement and all sorts of underhanded business tactics up to and including mopery on the high seas.

Samsung cars

With Apple’s desire to build an electric car “the worst kept secret in history,” according to Elon Musk, Samsung now says it is thinking of jumping into the electric car fray itself. That comes straight from the lips of Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae Yong. Samsung is rumored to be in talks with Fiat to purchase its electronics division, Magneti Marelli.

But if Samsung is just getting into the game now, it has a lot of ground to make up. Apple has been pursuing its “Project Titan” vision for at least 3 years already. News that super-engineer Bob Mansfield has come out of retirement to head up Apple’s 1,800 strong project team only confirms its commitment to its electric car endeavor. Mansfield is the man who spearheaded the design and development of the Macbook Air laptop computer, the iMac desktop computer, and the iPad tablet.

Samsung’s plans are hazy at the moment, but this will not be the first time it has stuck its toe in the automobile manufacturing waters. In 1994, it formed a partnership with Nissan to launch Samsung Motors. At the time, it boasted that it wanted to be the largest car company in the world. Things didn’t exactly turn out as planned.

Samsung ended up selling 70% of its stake to Renault, which renamed the company Renault Samsung Motors. That company is still in business today selling small cars in the Asian market. But that tie-in between Samsung and Renault is still there. It could be just the entré Samsung needs to get itself back into the car business.

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  • ConceptVBS

    The company will not jump back into the automobile production side. Instead it will be a major player in the automobile components side of things which is where the most profit will come from. The company has its hands on countless industries so it will bring it’s blend of expertise to tie everything that it makes into the IOT world it is dreaming of.

    • Steve Hanley

      You could be right. There is a lot of turmoil in the car industry as companies try to figure out whether they want to be manufacturers or suppliers. Many car companies don’t want to be just assemblers of component parts, but that seems to be where the industry is heading.

  • Leeper

    It took all day to learn something new. Mopery. I can’t wait to accuse my coworkers of it.

    • We gave Steve a “one new word a day” calendar. 😀 😉

      (Was a new one for me too, btw, and I’m curious where Steve found it.)

    • Steve Hanley

      I actually picked that up from a colleague many years ago. Always found it amusing, so I stole it and added it to my own lexicon of slightly absurd expressions.