Turo CEO Will Rent You His Model X For $449 A Day


Would you like to take an extended test drive in a Tesla Model X before you plunk down $132,000 to buy one for yourself? Why not rent one for a day or two first? It’s easy with a company like Turo. The online car rental company, formerly known as Relay Rides, has raised more than $100 million in investments since CEO Andre Haddad founded the company in 2009. Haddad refers to it as “Airbnb for cars.” Got a car you want to rent out? You can do so quickly and easily using Turo’s smartphone app.

Tesla Model X

Haddad recently took delivery of a Tesla Model X. There aren’t many of them on the road yet, as the company is just ramping up production at its Fremont, California, factory. Even most Tesla stores don’t have one available for test drives yet. That gave Haddad an idea. Why not rent his Model X? Instead of a few turns around the block, you can have it for 24 hours. All it costs is $449 for the day.

He is located near San Francisco, so if you are in the Bay Area, this offer is custom made for you. Haddad figures it’s a good way to get some publicity for his business while filling a need. He’s probably right. After all, you are reading about his new business offer right now and we picked the story up from Forbes.

Turo isn’t the only place you can rent a Tesla. If you want to experience an award-winning Tesla firsthand, try carsharing service getaround.com. Or get in touch with Sixt, which boasts about how you can “reduce your carbon footprint” while enjoying “a quiet, smooth drive.” EmotionChicago says that it has the largest fleet of Tesla Model S sedans in the country.

Don’t forget about traditional car rental agencies. Enterprise offers Teslas within its Exotic Car Collection, and TeslaCarRentals can help narrow your geographic search. Of course, you can rent your Tesla on a long-term basis from the source itself, Tesla Motors.

What are the benefits of renting rather than buying a Tesla? Brad Bowden is a Tesla owner who started renting his car to others in 2013. He tells Plug In Cars, “A lot of people who are thinking about buying one for themselves want to try it our first.” Despite all the glamour of riding in a Tesla, you might realize after spending time with one that having to recharge an electric car just doesn’t fit your lifestyle. You can’t get that kind of information from a brief test drive at a Tesla store.

Electric cars are different from conventional cars. Not everyone is ready to make the transition to electricity from gasoline. Think of renting one first as similar to getting a home inspection before buying a house. A little money spent now might save you from making an expensive mistake.

Special thanks to Carolyn Fortuna for her assistance with this story.

Photo Credit: Tesla Motors

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  • ThatsJustHowISeeIt

    The only problem with Turo is insurance. Even if you pay for their insurance they still use you for primary insurance. When I rent a vehicle I generally prefer renting with full insurance for peace of mind and this is why I use SixT or someone else to rent from.

    • Steve Hanley

      Good point. Thanks for your input.

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  • John Adkison

    I have had an experience with Turo when they were still named RelayRides. They paid for the repairs to my vehicle, but the did not cover the diminished market value. I took my case to small claims court and won a judgement, but they never paid. It’s been about a year since the judgement.

  • As a new user they first told me to rent another vehicle and they did charged me 35$ cancellation fee, plus the discount for 25$ was not applied, they forgot, so they kept 60$, Big Liars @turo over the phone BE AWARE, I won’t use this service anymore RIPOFF