Tesla Roadster, Everyday (w/ Video)

Tesla Motors Roadster documentary video

The Tesla Roadster was of the first electric cars to make it seem like an EV revolution might actually happen in our lifetimes. Unlike the EV1 and other offbeat electric rides that came before it in the 1990s, the Lotus-based Roadster was a good-looking, desirable, and downright fast car that looked right at home on Rodeo Drive. Ten years (!?) have passed since the cars hit the road, however, and their owners have had plenty of time to think about what life with a Tesla is really like.

That seems to be the thinking behind a video called “Tesla Roadster Everyday” that popped up on YouTube a few days ago. Answers to the question of “what’s it like” elicit answers that range from things like “there’s always somebody who wants to talk about the car” from Graham, VIN 435, to “there is almost no maintenance” from Ron, VIN 450.

Ron seems pretty excited about his Tesla ownership- and it seems like all the Roadster owners are enjoying a bit of “rockstar” attention (Roadstar?). Take a few minutes to watch the video for yourself, below, and let us know what you think about it in the comments. Enjoy!


Tesla Roadster, Everyday

Source | Images: Motorhit, via Amped.


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