Tesla Model 3 Waiting List Organized On Google Docs


Originally published on CleanTechnica.

We knew it was likely to happen but now it exists for real. The masses are converging on Tesla stores around the world with campers planning to stakeout the stores hours ahead of the opening time. With demand for an “affordable luxury car,” Tesla fanaticism is peaking.


One organized user has put together a Google Doc list to see who is going to be heading to each store and at what time. This is a fun way for folks to find out who they might be in line next to before they’re actually in line. It’s about community, commiseration, and, ultimately, about getting into a Tesla and driving electric. 🙂

What’s neat about this list is that it will also help users to “load balance” if they are near several stores (as is the case in Los Angeles and several other metro areas) and switch stores to line up at a store that might have a shorter line than others. Another tactic that seems to have cropped up is to show up a bit earlier, with many users noting that they’ll come by the night before or the morning of to see how things are looking, with an option to jump into line then if it looks like things are going to get crazy.

Is this a sign of the end times? Or maybe just a sign that Tesla has finally arrived as one of the latest tech companies to build fanatically perfect products… with a purpose to boot? They may not have achieved the mainstream adoption of Apple and Google, but to those of us who love cleantech, saving the planet, and Tesla, it is already much larger and, more importantly, hitting its stride in mainstream society.

These next 2 weeks are sure to be exciting with such massive news being spilled. Share in the comments if you’re planning to head over to snag a Model 3 reservation in person and, if you’re so inclined, add your name to the list. 🙂

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  • Rob Zwald

    I wonder how much standing in line will help. News is that Tesla will be filling orders for the Model 3 on a geographic basis, starting with the western states.

    • AaronD12

      Like when standing in line for the latest iPhone, it’s not necessarily about improving your position. It’s about the camaraderie and fun of being an early adopter. Talking with fellow Apple (Tesla) fanatics, etc.

      • Rob Zwald

        Nothing wrong with that. But you might get your fill of that at the SuperCharger stations.

    • Steve Hanley

      Tesla now says there will be separate priority lists for each region. But regardless of where you are on the list, the cars for customers who live closest to the factory will be built first. See today’s latest story on the Model 3.

    • dogphlap dogphlap

      It makes sense to ship to customers close to the factory at first. The first customers will always be unofficial beta testers and if hardware fixes need to be made for the first Model 3 cars, better they be local to the factory.