5 Years In The Making, Rimac Concept_One Goes On Display In Geneva


The Rimac Concept_One will go on display in its final production form at the Geneva auto show in March. Most of us know Croatia’s Rimac for its innovative electric race cars, like the one Monster Tajima drove at Pikes Peak last year. That car had a total of 1,475 horsepower turning all four wheels. It finished second overall to a car driven by Rhys Millen. But Rimac doesn’t just build race cars. For the past five years it has been working hard on an all electric road car it calls the Concept_One. Only 8 of the million dollar cars are scheduled for production. Be sure to get your order in early.

Rimac Concept_One

Unlike so many concept cars, the Rimac Concept_One is actually lovely to look at, with low, sculpted stance that makes the car look like it is eager to leap forward. If Sir William Lyons was alive today, this could very well be what a 21st century Jaguar XK-E might look like. And leap forward it does. With 1,000 horsepower on tap from four electric motors, it scalds its way to 60 in an astounding 2.6 seconds. It has a top speed of 220 mph, thanks to its one megawatt battery.

All of those numbers don’t begin to tell the full story of this car, though. The heart of its powertrain is a bespoke management system called R- AWTV, which stands for Rimac All Wheel Torque Vectoring. The system samples conditions at all four wheels 100 times a second and determines the precise amount of power to send to each one, depending on road conditions, throttle position, steering angle, and many other factors.

Rimac Concept_One powertrain

Rimac founder Mare Rimac says,  “My goal was to not to create an electric version of existing supercars. I wanted to create technology to make the supercar considerably better in every regard – faster, more fun and more efficient. I wanted to make the supercar of the 21st century.

“The Concept_One showcases performances which were not considered possible for electric cars a few years ago. To reach that level of performance, we first had to develop the technology and then the car. The Concept_One has gone through four iterations from a concept to the production car. In every iteration, we have redesigned almost all systems from scratch in order to achieve the level of performance and quality that we have set for ourselves in the beginning.

“I am also extremely proud of our vertical integration – the Concept_One is a true Rimac Automobili product – down to the smallest details.”

There are quite a few million dollar supercoupes in the world. The Rimac Concept_One is one of the few that may actually be worth the money.

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  • bioburner

    Just what we need…Another EV that almost nobody can afford. Love the concept. 1000 HP and a giant battery.

    • Steve Hanley

      Well, there will be another electric car in Geneva, the AR10, which claims to have 2080 horsepower. It also has Lamborghini doors that look like they were ripped off ghetto-ized Toyota Corolla.

      By comparison, the Rimac is a proper automobile and quite lovely to look at. I do agree, however, that the flood of electric hypercars from around the world is nothing short of ridiculous.

  • JP

    True, but these are the types of cars that are made 1st, then the companies use the tech and R&D to produce less expensive versions.

  • zn

    Gorgeous design, and damn quick too. Would love to see one slink down the road.

  • Zé M. S.

    The car is beautiful, but is it worth a million dollars?

    RIMAC Concept one: 1000 hp, 82 kWh Battery, 0-60 2.6 Seconds ($1.000.000)
    Tesla S, P90DL: 762 hp, 90 kWh Battery, 0-60 2.8 Seconds ($135.000)

    In a few years Tesla will release a new roadster, if they can achieve this performance with a sedan, how will that roadster perform?

    Not that RIMAC Concept isn’t a great car, but if i paid a million dollars for a car i’d be pretty upset if in a few years (2020?) a car, that costs 1/5 of that, could out-perform it.