RAND Electric Boat is Unsinkable, Self Bailing, And Fun!


Denmark is a nation afloat. Surrounded by water, its people are famous for spending time on the water. RAND Boats of Denmark has just introduced its all new Picnic electric boat. The Picnic has many features that will appeal to eco-minded mariners. The company website has the following description:

“Shaped in simplistic, graceful lines,built in sustainable, low maintenance materials, and equipped with an easy-to-use electrical outboard engine, RAND Picnic stands a readily approachable platform for recreational and respectful activity at sea.”

What makes the RAND Picnic unique? According to Electric Vehicle Research, the hull is made from recycled plastic bottles. It is unsinkable and self bailing, meaning any water that gets into the interior is conducted back into the surrounding water automatically without pumps.

Inside, the Picnic features seating for 10 people arranged around a central picnic table. All the wood used in the interior is from sustainable and renewable forest products from Kebony. The table itself doubles as a solar panel to recharge the Torqeedo Travel battery. The engine is an electric outboard design that makes for emissions free boating. The Picnic can cruise for 16 hours on one charge — more when the solar panel gives an assist. The battery weighs only about 20 pounds, which makes it east to carry indoors for recharging.

RAND Picnic electric boat

Because of its safe and stable design, the Picnic can be operated by anyone. Just press the start button and go boating with family or friends. Maximum speed is 13 kph, or about 8 miles per hour. No water skiing behind this boat, but being afloat with no exhaust fumes and knowing your boat is not polluting the waters around you should make up for the lack of top speed.

Don’t want to steer with a tiller? Order the Picnic Sport, which has a steering wheel and full electronic instrumentation. Either way, you will enjoy a safe, serene, zero emissions adventure either alone or in the company of friends. With any luck, the RAND Picnic will pioneer a new era of sustainable, pollution free boating to suit the needs of a fossil fuel free world.

RAND Picnic electric boat


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  • AaronD12

    I’ll get one and name it the “Titanic”, since it, too, was unsinkable.

    • Rick Danger

      Some small boats really are unsinkable. Years ago, when I lived at the beach, they ran a Boston Whaler commercial where they took a chainsaw and cut one in half – the two halves just floated away.

  • thank you for the post regarding my favorite person i really follow you if u research more about my ideal….

  • freedomev

    A 20lb battery is only 1kwhr isn’t taking it very far. And US boats are required by law to be unsinkable.
    Otherwise it looks like a nice boat that with a solar canopy, more battery could be a great family boat.

  • neroden

    Oh gorgeous. Unfortunately, it’s $10,000 and up. I’m not enough of a boater to buy that.

    I really do hope boaters switch to electric ASAP because electric is better. But I’ll have to wait until a boat *rental* company gets some electric boats, given how rarely I go out boating.

  • Carl Raymond S

    Many reservoirs that would be perfect for boating are off limits due to threat of fuel spill / contamination.
    Sailing is a great sport, kids love it and it gets them off their phones for a day, but for safety demands the use of powered rescue craft.
    More kids sailing on more water is a winner.