The Ultimate Tesla Motors Ad, Narrated by Nikola Tesla


Tesla Motors Commercial Narrated by Nikola Tesla

Nearly 100 years ago, now, Serbian-born inventor Nikola Tesla introduced the world to alternating current electricity. Stable, safe, and able to be sent great distances efficiently, Tesla effectively used that new technology. Along with work he did with other inventors like Edison and Marconi, he helped to invent the modern world. A century later, another American immigrant named Elon Musk decided it was his time to change the world, and the company he founded- Tesla Motors- owes its name and inspiration to the great inventor.

It is fitting, then, that this striking, elegant commercial for the brand that carries the Tesla name to be narrated by the man, himself. You can check it out, below.


Tesla Motors Commercial, Narrated by Nikola Tesla

I don’t know about you, but that ad- titled, “Not a Dream” and produced as something of a labor of love by the Freise twins, Adam and Nathan- struck me as moving and powerful. The imagery of the Tesla Motors Model S driving triumphantly down the halted oil rigs seems especially poignant, given the recent drop in crude prices that has led to an oil market crash and a halt to much of the drilling in North America, already. And still, the Tesla powers on.

If you’re a fan of film, heavy-handed symbolism, and Teslas of either kind, then you owe it to yourself to take some time and watch the film. Once that’s done, let us know what you thought of “Not a Dream” in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Source | Images: Freise Brothers, via Motorpasión.

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  • Craig Vermeulen

    They are Nicola Tesla’s words but that is not Nicola Tesla narrating.

    • Scheduling conflict.

    • CHResident

      Of course it’s not, it’s Nikola’s.

  • Gordon Hislop

    Well said, and nor was Elon Musk the founder of Tesla Motors, but all that aside Tesla was one of the greatest visionaries and inventors of all time and Elon Musk is giving Tesla Motors a much needed injection of enthusiasm. I have heard of two people in the past week that are in the process of using either their Tesla car or Zero motorcycle to power their solar powered house after dark rather than buying conventional deep cycle solar storage batteries. I hope Elon presents a viable solar storage battery to the world for household use very soon.

    • Denis Gobbi

      He already did that

  • If you want to read a beautiful book about Nikola Tesla, check out this one by NY Times Bestseller author Anthony Flacco. Screenplay available too!

  • Mike White


    • Dantuccio

      When the car becomes affordable for every one then you can make that statement it should read the future is now if you have around 100k to spend on a car

      • Bruce Steever

        Next one is slated to be $30,000 – will that satisfy you?

        • Dantuccio

          I’ll be satisfied when it’s as affordable as the cheapest gas car. It’s sad that this can make the world a better place but you jack up the prices 30k is still not affordable it should be in the 16k to 20k range so it can compete with gas cars

          • Bruce Steever

            Your pretty little version is missing the slight detail that the AVERAGE cost of a new car today is nearly $35,000. You want new tech… And it has to be impossibly cheap, too?!

  • Artur Sixto

    Fossile fuels and nuclear energy are having disastrous consequences already and will destroy life as we know it. Yet. electricity is NOT a source of energy. We need to produce electricity.

    Renewable sources of energy have at best the potential to supply 25% of today’s global energy consumption, in the long term, if developped to their limits.

    Since global GDP and energy consumption are intimately tied since preindustrial times, we are facing a drop of 75% of global GDP if we are to give up non renewable sources of energy.

    This amounts to collapse. One may think that we are therefore bound to keep using non renewables in spite of them being lethal to the environment (ourselves included). Well… NO. Their use will fall and some sort of collapse is inevitable over the next decades. Why? Because being NON renewables, they are starting to get harder and harder to tap.

    This is true of all non renewable ressources, whether to produce energy, manufacture electronic devices, Tesla car batteries (which require Lithium), fertilizers, etc.

    Private cars are an insane luxury that most people don’t really need and that the world cannot afford. Please don’t buy one, of any kind, unless you absolutely need it on a daily basis. Most of us can rely on alternative ways of transport.

    • Bruce Steever

      Or buy a small motorcycle.

  • You know why the hipster burned his tongue? He drank his coffee BEFORE it was cool.

    • netsurfer912

      Good one.