2017 Ford Ranger, Ford Bronco Confirmed for US



Great news, fellow gear heads! Ford has just announced plans to invest more than $700 million into its existing Michigan assembly plants in order to … are you ready? In order to build the new Ford Ranger and a new Ford Bronco in- and for!- the US market! (!!)

Ford’s train-hauling Euro-Ranger has been forbidden fruit to US buyers since its introduction several years ago. Those of us who knew about it stared at pictures of it lustfully, and we hope that it makes its way to US shores largely unmolested by US market “experts”. I say hope because Ford’s plans are just that at the moment: plans.

Investing in new tooling and training to produce the Ford Ranger and Bronco in the US is part of larger deal between Ford and the UAW, which still have to come to terms on the whole deal. If they do, a total of $9 billion will be invested into 22 US plants by Ford, helping to maintain employment of the more than 8500 workers at the Michigan Assembly Plant, alone. If they do start building a new Bronco, it’s more likely to be something Ranger-based, like the Euro-market Ford Everest …


2017 Ford Bronco

… which would make sense, since the previous Ranger-based Bronco II evolved, eventually, into the Ford Explorer, which has now gone to a more car-like unibody frame.

So, lots of question marks and lots of room for speculation about what the news of a new Ford Ranger or Ford Bronco really means. Regardless, two storied nameplates are returning after a long, long absence, and Ford will amass tons of goodwill for it. Good on them.

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  • AaronD12

    Ford is sure saturating the market with plenty of models. The Chevy Colorado seems to be doing okay here in Texas, so maybe Ford will do okay with its new Ranger. The Bronco, however, may be lost in Ford’s other SUV/crossover vehicles. It must really have something that will sell it over the Edge and Escape.

    • I think the market is hungry for a body-on-frame SUV. The car-based nonsense (Edge, Escape, etc.) isn’t for everyone, and there are very few (if any) real truck-like SUVs, anymore. Maybe the XTerra?

    • Daniel Scott

      The Bronco was a huge success years ago, and I do agree with Jo. The market is starving for a good body-on-frame SUV. Let us hope the Bronco Is as successful now as it was before.

      • AaronD12

        Other than us hard-core gear-heads and off-roaders, do people really know the difference between a unibody-framed SUV and a body-on-frame SUV? More importantly, are they starving for one? Or even hungry?

        • Francisco Portillo

          The Jeep Wrangler’s sky rocketing sales would like to have a talk with you.

    • Chris

      I like the Colorado/Canyon but the biggest mistake GM made was making it marginally cheaper than the Silverado and no real difference in gas mileage. GM decided to build a truck that was 85% of the Silverado so consumers decided they would rather go to the full-size pickup. I’d rather have the fuel efficiency in a midsized truck.

      • Teeshot

        All GM did was rebadge the Isuzu Pickup and put the Colorado Name on it!

  • Ida M James-Jackson

    bring it to canada

  • woohooman

    If it is based on the Ranger like the photo above . . . that would be an idiotic blunder for FORD. The car should be built on the Atlas platform and have features of the

    • AaronD12

      Isn’t the Explorer and Expedition enough?

  • BrushyBillRoberts

    My old 1982 Bronco was a capable and dependable machine. Went anywhere a Jeep did. Ford should take a clue from the huge 4×4 fanbase out there and offer their counter to Mopar, Toyota, and Nissan in a proven platform. Right now Jeep dominates that market because Ford is concentrating on Eco-boost only, uniboby crossovers, for soccer moms. An F150 based Bronco would appeal to a very hungry market. Sad oversight, Ford. Guess I’ll have to buy a Jeep.

    • Francisco Portillo

      No thanks — I for one will not be even considering a Bronco if it was made on the f150’s platform. What we need is the iconic 1970 bronco.