New Law Will Allow EV Charging Stations at Gov’t Facilities


EV charging multi family buildings

In today’s “I can’t believe this wasn’t already a thing” news, a new amendment that was drafted that would allow the General Services Administration (GSA) to construct, install, and operate electric vehicle charging stations on federal facilities at no cost to taxpayers was passed by the US House of Representatives earlier this week. Which means that, until a few days ago, if you worked for a government agency, on a federal facility, and wanted to commute to work in an electric car, it would have been illegal for you to try to charge it while you were in your office.

Did you guys know that this was a thing? I didn’t.

The amendment, which was added to the Surface Transportation Reauthorization & Reform Act of 2015, was sponsored by both Democrats and Republicans, and added language to the original bill that will give jurisdiction to the GSA for the installation and operation of the charging stations at Federal facilities. At the same time, it will allow government employees to charge their privately owned vehicles at these GSA charging stations.

Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY), summed up the move nicely. “In 2012, Congress passed legislation to allow electric vehicle recharging at the U.S. Capitol for congressmen and their staff for a fee, but neglected to extend this authority to other federal agencies and employees. Our amendment would correct this disparity,” said Massie, who also serves on both the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and the Science, Space, and Technology Committee.

You can watch Massie push the House to adopt the Massie-Lofgren-Eshoo “EV-Commute” Amendment allowing electric charging stations at federal workplaces, below. Be warned, however: it is seriously compelling stuff, and you may get hooked on CSPAN reruns.


Adoption of Massie-Lofgren-Eshoo EV-Commute Ammendment

Sources | Images: Inside EVs, Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA).

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  • Marion Meads

    At no cost to taxpayers??? You must be in the wrong planet. Installing those chargers are paid by taxpayer’s money, and the electrons going into those vehicles for personal use are being paid also by the taxpayers!!!!!

    • adamclark1

      Amen! In fact, if anyone bothered to look up the contracts for these installations you would find that these are probably no-bid contracts at much higher costs than a “typical” commercial installation. They may have found some extra budget money laying around to do the work, but it is still taxpayer money.

      • jeffhre

        “if anyone bothered to look up”

        “these are probably”

        Mind made up yet? Follow your own advice much?

        I’m curious to see what no-bid contracts you have researched when looking this up, since except for the US Congress, it was illegal to install them in any GSA managed building.