Ford Survey: 90% of EV Buyers Would Buy an EV Again



Even though Ford’s EV sales have been dropping in recent months, the Dearborn-based company remains committed to green vehicles and continues its efforts for developing new plug-in hybrid and all-electric models in a bid to ensure a stronger position in the EV market. As part of these efforts, Ford has decided to find out what electric vehicle owners want and how they feel about the existing EV charging infrastructure and the integration of renewable energy in the United States.

The American automaker has surveyed 10,000 electric-car owners from around the country, asking them specific questions related to home charging, renewable energy, the importance of mobile apps for EV owners and whether they intend on buying another EV in the future.

Probably the most interesting finding from this survey is the fact that the vast majority of those surveyed would consider purchasing an EV again, which suggests that EV owners are pretty satisfied with what electric drive technology has to offer. 92% of those who own a battery electric car, and 94% of plug-in hybrid owners said that they intend to buy another EV somewhere down the road. This is a strong indication that customer satisfaction levels are pretty high among EV owners, which will probably make Ford focus on the development of electric vehicles even more than they already are.

As far as how common the use of renewable energy among EV owners is, 83 percent of those surveyed by Ford said that they will consider installing a solar panel at home to charge their vehicles or have already done so. The motivation behind their decision to use renewable energy to charge their vehicles stems from the fact that it allows them to contribute to the reduction of air pollution and that it saves them a lot of money in the long run.

Ford also asked EV owners how important smartphones are for them in regards to improving the overall EV ownership experience. Most respondents said that they use smartphone apps to check their car’s battery charge and control their car’s air conditioning system remotely and check remaining driving range. In addition to that, most EV drivers said that they would want to have access to apps that would help them locate publicly available charging stations and charging time indicators.


Ford Begins to Understand EV Owner Loyalty


This survey will certainly help Ford understand EV owners better, and find out a little more about their charging behaviors, satisfaction and loyalty and how interested they are in purchasing upcoming EV models. The company hopes that these indicators will help it increase EV sales in the future, which they expect will account for up to 5% of all sales by the end of this year.


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  • hybridbear

    “The company hopes that these indicators will help it increase EV sales in the future, which they expect will account for up to 5% of all sales by the end of this year.”
    5% of all sales this year? I think there might be an error in that sentence. Do you mean by the end of this decade, perhaps?

    I think I may have participated in this survey. We’ll never go back to an ICE-only car, or even a hybrid without a plug, after driving a BEV & a PHEV for the last few years.

    • AaronD12

      Ford historically includes hybrids and PHEVs as “electric cars”. If they were talking about their only true EV, the Ford Focus EV, it would be 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000008% of their sales. 😉

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