Portland Airport Amasses Record EV Charging Stations

The installation of charging stations for electric vehicles is rapidly expanding amongst America’s key infrastructure and and transit hubs, with one of the West Coast’s leading airports now boasting a record breaking number of the devices.

Portland Airport EV chargers

The Portland International Airport has put in place a total of 42 L1 PowerPost EV charging stations — the largest installation of its sort deployed at an airport anywhere in the United States.

According to Vince Granato, Port of Portland chief operations officer, the decision to install the charging stations was part of efforts to improve the sustainability and environmental friendliness of the airport’s operations.

“We are excited to support our travellers and employees with these new charging stations,” said Granato. “The installation of EV charging stations is one of our many environmental initiatives, which are central to how we do business and serve as good community stewards.”

According to Bill Williams of Telefonix, the company responsible for developing the PowerPost EV charging stations, their installation at an airport presents an ideal refuelling opportunity to drivers of electric vehicles.

“Airports are really taking an aggressive approach to delivering on the need for electric vehicle charging infrastructure,” said Williams. “Given that customers parking for 4 hours or more represent over 85% of all occupied spaces at an airport and the fact that airports often have sustainability initiatives in place, it’s a perfect fit.”

The Level 1 EV charging stations installed at the Portland International Airport were selected because of their low current requirements, permitting more efficient usage of electricity during long-dwell parking as well as the installation of a greater number of devices compared to more powerful versions.

Level 1 charging will enable drivers to recover approximately five miles of range per hour that their vehicles are plugged in, at a rate of cost to the facility of just 75 cents for every 20 miles of range.

Portland International Airport plans to provide the EV charging stations to employees and visitors for usage free of fees.


Marc Howe

is an Australian trade journalist and technical translator with a keen interest in trends and development in the global energy sector, and their ramifications for economic growth in the future. He spent most of the noughties as resident of the greater China region and is literate in both Mandarin and Classical Chinese. Marc’s avocational interests include distance running, French literature, economic history, European board games, and submission grappling.