Tesla Model X Beta Prototype Spotted Testing


During last night’s quarterly report call, Elon Musk mentioned that though the public wouldn’t see the final, finished Tesla Model X before deliveries began, there were already about 30 “beta” prototypes testing on the roads. Coincidentally, one of these prototypes was spotted by a Tesla Motors Club forum member, just hours ahead of Musk’s big call.

The camo-clad Model X prototype shows much of the same design as the original concept, barring the addition of real sideview mirrors as opposed to the video cameras Musk would prefer. You can clearly make out the falcon-wing doors, which are partly responsible for the repeated delays of Model X deliveries. From the back, it looks a lot like other crossovers and SUVs on the road with a fat booty and high waistline. The front end also looks a like like the Model S sedan, which should come as no surprise since the two vehicles share a platform.

Last night Musk mentioned that there are features on the Model X the public doesn’t even know about yet. Considering features we already know about, like the falcon-wing doors, towing capacity (a first for a production electric vehicle), Dual Motor all-wheel drive, and an optional third row of seating, it’s hard to imagine what Musk might have in store.

For those Tesla Model X reservation holders, these spy pics are the closest we’ll get to seeing the electric SUV before deliveries begin later this year.





Images: yobigd20


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