Video: Tesla Model X Spotted Testing At Old Naval Air Station

To the disappointment of many, the Tesla Model X didn’t show up at the Detroit Auto Show. Yesterday though Juan del Real caught footage of what is almost certainly the Tesla Model X testing at a former naval air station in Alameda, California, about 30 miles north of Fremont.

Video of the heavily-camouflaged test mule was captured from a nearby skate park, and there’s two things that are undeniably clear. One, this is an all-electric SUV being tested, as there is not any engine noise whatsoever. And two, this thing is fast. I’m not sure what kind of testing was being done, but the way the Model X mule was being flogged around indicates that this isn’t just any electric SUV, but something with aspirations larger than hauling groceries and tiny soccer players.

Could it be an electric SUV is another make? Perhaps. Consider though that this testing location is just 30 miles from Tesla’s main headquarters, and the vehicle bears more than just a passing resemblance to the Model X prototypes we’ve seen thus far. While we never get a clear or close-up shot of the vehicle, the hoodline is the best giveway that we’re looking at a Model X prototype, and not something else. There is however a chance that this is actually a Model III crossover prototype, as it does look a little small…though without anything to compare it to it’s hard to say for sure.

Going along that line of thinking, the back end looks a good bit squarer than any of the prototypes, which could be the work of either great camouflage, or a new look for the backend. It’s been rumored that the reason we haven’t seen a new Model X prototype in some time is because it’s going to look and be a lot different from the vehicle we’ve seen before.

With at least 20,000 reservation holders eagerly awaiting the summer unveiling of the Model X, the electric SUV will no doubt hit the ground running. Can it successfully follow up the hyped-up Model S though? Elon Musk had better hope so, as the future as Tesla, and even the electric car movement, may hinge upon the vehicle in the video above.


Christopher DeMorro

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