Chargepoint Home Coming To EV Owner Garages


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With over 20,000 public charging stations spread out across the United States, Chargepoint is far and away the largest EV infrastructure network in America. But that isn’t good enough anymore, because Chargepoint wants to come home with you. Chargepoint Home is a new home EV charger with a small and sleek design that brings America’s largest EV charging network into your garage. Neat!

“Now EV drivers use the ChargePoint network to charge at home, at work, around town and out of town. With one app, EV drivers can track and manage all their charging wherever they go,” Chargepoint told us. “With ChargePoint Home, you can start and stop charging, schedule charging minimize energy costs, set reminders and even connect to Nest.”

About the size of your average computer tablet, Chargepoint Home will use the same smartphone app many users are already familiar with, though with expanded features. Users will be able to decide when their EV charges to minimize energy use and costs, and with a tap on your phone you can start or stop charging at your whim. Chargepoint home will integrate with your current account to keep track of charging and mileage information, and it will even integrate with the Nest smart home thermostat.

The Level 2 Chargepoint Home charger can add up to 25 miles per hour to an EV using the standardized J1772 plug, and yes, it can be installed indoors or out. Cord lengths ranging from 12 to 25 feet will be offered to buyers, and though prices haven’t been set, Chargepoint says it will be “very competitive” with what’s currently offered by the market. And when you’re away from home, you’ll find there are now more Chargepoint chargers than there are McDonalds…because apparently that’s how we measure the prevalance of things in modern day America. More positively, Chargepoint put out a list of America’s most EV Friendly universities, so you can get your college degree and your charge on at the same time.

Chargepoint has quickly established itself as a national leader of EV charging stations, and now it wants to expand that success to your home. I say let ‘em on in.


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