It’s Official: Alonso to Partner Button at McLaren Honda


After months of speculation about the future of Formula 1’s best driver, the move we predicted back in March is, finally, official: Fernando Alonso will join McLaren-Honda for 2015.

McLaren’s uncharacteristically long driver-signing process caused rumors to swirl about Alonso’s future. Would he take a year off and re-join the sport with Audi in 2016? Would he leave the sport altogether and go chase Tour gold in cycling? In the end, the lure of McLaren-Honda- a legendary pairing in Formula 1 that brought World Drivers’ Championships to heroes like Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost- was too much for Alonso to pass up.

Alonso will re-join his old Renault team mate, 2009 World Drivers’ Champion Jenson Button, and relegate McLaren driver Kevin Magnussen (a rookie in 2014) to a reserve and test role that will, it’s believed, see the young Finn step up to replace Button when his time finally does come.

As for predictions, the Honda power unit failed to impress at end-of-season testing, leading many to speculate that Honda may face the same teething problems that plagued Renault’s engine throughout 2014. As for inter-team rivalries, Jenson isn’t expected to beat Alonso … but he has a history of stepping up his game to match his team mates.

Time will tell, I guess. Until then, we can talk about McLaren-Honda’s chances for 2015 in the comments section at the bottom of the page. See you there!


Source | Images: Motorsport.


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