Saleen Renames FourSixteen To ST, Lowers Prices


Though Saleen may be facing financial difficulties, the boutique coachbuilder is pressing forward with its take on the Tesla Model S. Following the news of the supercar-killing Dual Motor Model S though, Saleen has made a few changes…starting with the name.

The Saleen FourSixteen exists no longer; instead company will use the ST moniker, starting with the ST380 as an entry-level model (at $132,000 mind you). Want supercar performance? Then you want the Saleen ST691, based on the Dual Motor 691 horsepower Model S P85D and offering a 3.2 second sprint from 0 to 60 MPH. That’ll set you back $164,000, which is even more than the $156,000 Saleen had been asking for the FourSixteen.

Speaking of which, those who already ordered the original FourSixteen have already started to take delivery of the original Saleen-Tesla supercar. However, Saleen is also now taking orders for the ST380 and ST691, which will be based on upgraded 2015 Tesla Models. Saleen is also adding a new 2+2 seating setup, carbon ceramic brakes, and one of its famous suspension packages to spice things up.

For that kind of money though, is the Saleen ST series spicy enough?


Christopher DeMorro

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