Confirmed: Nissan R36 GTR Will be a Hybrid


Nissan R36 GTR Will be a Hybrid

In an interview with Britain’s Tog Gear, Nissan executives confirmed what we’ve been saying for months: the all-new for 2016 Nissan R36 GTR supercar will be a hybrid, and it will be even faster than the current car.

“When the R35 launched in 2009 it was a massive leap forward, and we need to make sure when the next generation comes, it’s a similar leap forward. Not just the car itself, but the overall effect for Nissan,” said Nissan UK’s sports car chief, James Oliver. “I think (a GTR hybrid) is the obvious direction,” Oliver told Top Gear. “There’s been obsessive development of the GTR over the years, and at some point we will move onto the next generation car … and, at Nissan, we’ve got great expertise and investment of electric.”

The R36 GTR is expected to use a version of the 550 HP hybrid power unit shown in the Infiniti Q80 concept that debuted earlier this month. That model introduced featured a drive train consisting of a twin-turbocharged 3.0L V6 paired to a powerful electric motor. According to Infiniti officials at the Paris unveiling of the Q80, “the new engine offers a precursor to a family of engines that will be introduced to the (Nissan and) Infiniti portfolio(s) within the next two years,” which- you’ll notice- would be just in time for the launch of the 2016 R36 GTR.

When asked about the appearance of the new R36 GTR, Oliver reportedly pointed to Nissan’s Vision 2020 Concept for the Gran Turismo 6 racing game (below), describing it as a “design study” for the new car. That said, I think TopSpeed’s renderings from last year (shown, below below) are a much more likely R36 design direction.


Nissan GTR Vision 2020 Design Study


Nissan R36 GTR Rendered by TopSpeed



Source | Images: Top Gear, via Carscoops. Sony.

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  • zn

    I love how understated the GTR look is. Even with the more aggressive stylings in these renders, the look of the GTR seems to fit somewhere between a large-bodied sedan and a built-for-speed racer. Tough but not showy. The specs under the hood are definitely in supercar territory, yet there’s no flashy gullwing doors or superlow profile to turn heads (must be a Japanese thing I guess). Yet I still find my gaze fixated on these beasts whenever I have the pleasure of seeing one up close.

    • That’s true, but I find it funny- twenty years ago it was the Japanese that were accused of being “wild”, and the Europeans that were subdued and tasteful. How times change!

      • QKodiak

        Have you seen the latest vehicles from Lexus?

      • zn

        Mmm, true. But perhaps the pendulum is starting to swing back the other way. The Mazda Furai and Toyota FT-1 are both preeeettty mean looking cars. I still shed a tear when I think about the Furai. RIP.

    • Wolfgang Bergstrom

      the NSX is a super low Japanese supercar and the next one will be to but this car looks like a Japanese muscle car in that its aggressive and can annihilate anything in the curves

  • UncleB

    Electric fact: three moving parts and highest torque to the pavement in the industry. Electric day has come to vehicles.

    • Lots more moving parts if they add transmissions.

      • T S

        With electric engine torque curves you can do a much simpler transmission or sometimes leave it off completely.

        • Yes, but lots of EV makers are adding transmissions.

    • Goosfraba

      Agreed! I resisted electric for a long time but no more. It’s ready – and has already obsoleted conventional combustion engines. As soon as I have the money for one that looks as nice as my G, I’m done with gas. It’s going to be a very exciting decade for automotive tech 🙂

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  • T S

    Hardly surprising that the next GTR would be a hybrid and be faster than the current one. What happens in auto racing tends to make it into the top end production cars pretty quickly and look at the Audi R18 Ultra compared to the Audi R18 E-tron Quattro.

  • I hate the first concept. Hope it looks more like the other ones.

  • Goosfraba

    Think I saw those same renders in the 80’s. They’re as ugly now as they were then. Please do not destroy my favorite car like this, call it something else!