Video: BMW i8 Features Coming To Other Models


With suite of high-tech features that includes LED headlights, the color heads-up display, and Surround View Camera System, the BMW i8 is one of the most tech-laden vehicles the German automaker has ever built. Too bad it’ll cost you over $136,000 to buy one.

Thankfully, many of these and other features will work their way into cheaper (by comparison) models, which BMW is quick to point out in a trio of new “BMW Innovation” ads.

The first advertisement focuses on the super-bright LED headlights of the BMW i8, which you can also option of the BMW 5-series, a car that literally costs less than half that of the hybrid supercar. Sure, you won’t get the 326 horsepower hybrid drivetrain, but the 5-Series BMW has a presence all its own in the automotive world.

LED headlights are nothing new (and the BMW i8 can even be had with frickin’ laser beam headlights, just not in America…yet). But the colored heads-up display of the i8 is something altogether different. HUDs have been around for decades (my 1992 240sx had one), but they’ve always been that that digital greenish-blue color. BMW offers a full-color HUD that delivers not just your speed and RPM readings, but GPS directions and other pertinent info as well. You don’t need to buy an i8 to have the color HUD though, as it’s also an option on the popular 3-series model.

Finally there’s the Surround View Camera System, which in the low-visibility i8 provides an all-around view of the car to ensure you’re not accidentally (intentionally?) cutting someone off or bumping into buildings as you back into a parking spot. This innovation can also be had on the BMW X3, a car which on its surface seems to share even less in common with the i8 than the 3-series and 5-series. The “trickle down” effect of technology has always placed new gadget in high-end cars first, but BMW is spreading the love across its lineup quicker than even I would have expected.

The color HUD is definitely my favorite i8 feature (besides the drivetrain of course), but what’s yours?


Christopher DeMorro

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