2014 Tesla Model S Gets A Few Updates


It’s been two years now since the first buyers got their hands on a Tesla Model S, and despite some long-term reliability concerns, the Model S has been universally praised for building not just a great EV, but a great car as well. As is typical in the auto industry though, Tesla isn’t resting on its laurels, and the electric automaker has made some changes for the 2014 Model S.

In response to the “meh” response to the standard headliner, Tesla will begin offering a $1,500 Alcantara headliner upgrade that will match the rest of the interior, reports Teslarati. Telsa also updated its color palette to begin offering a darker grey metallic, and a cabin ionizer will be an option for future Model S owners.

Designed to clean the cabin air of an automobile, this feature could be a response to Chinese sales of the Model S. As we all know, China has some epic levels of air pollution, and while initial sales have been strong, Chinese consumers have some very particular needs and wants from their luxury sedans, including clean air and lots of legroom.

So yeah, just a few minor updates for the Model S right now, and it’s little wonder why. The Tesla Model X is the primary focus right now, with the Tesla Model III taking priority after that. But the Model S will surely get more and more upgrades and improvements as technology improves. Eventually, new long-range battery pack upgrades could keep Model S owners driving for longer than even the most optimistic early adopter expected.


Christopher DeMorro

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