2016 Ford Ranger Caught Testing In The U.S.



Thanks to World Car Fans, we now have spy shots of the new for 2015 Ford Ranger being tested right here  in the United States. Prior to this, all photos of the upcoming truck resulted from testing in Europe or Asia, where the Ranger is sold.

Although the test mule in the photos is heavily camouflaged, sources believe the front of the new Ranger will be nearly identical to the 2015 Ford Edge. Noticeable changes from the current global Ranger sold primarily in Asian markets include a redesigned front bumper, a different grille and a new design for the headlights. Available engine choices should remain the same as with the 2014 truck, including a 5-cylinder diesel capable of towing a train. Yes, a train. Also expect an EcoBoost engine to become an option for the North American market.

The has been upgraded considerably for 2015, and will likely use higher-quality materials for the picky American market. While Ford has previously dismissed the notion of bringing the Ranger to America, renewed interest in the compact truck market from crosstown competitor GM may have changed their mind,  though we’d like to take some of the credit for the Ranger coming home to America.

Another reason for Ford’s change of heart? Switching the F-150 to an aluminum body has likely raised the cost of the best-selling truck, leaving more room for a lower-priced Ranger to enter the market as an entry-level truck. Want to see more spy pics? Head over to World Car Fans.

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  • Dou Chebag

    A train, guys? Really? An F-550 could not tow a train. An M1 Abrams could not tow a train. Maintain some credibility. Please.

    • Александар Сајков

      Well, actually I have seen an F-150 tow an old locomotive over a short distance.This was on Top Gear US.

  • Александар Сајков

    Isuzu D-max TDI in automatic has claimed 8.1l/km or 34mpg. My 2014 Suzy averages about 32mpg with a lot of city stop-and-start driving. I can load up just over a tonne of payload and tug up to 3.5 tonnes, which is the legal limit here anyway.

    • Curmudgeon

      We do not get ANY Isuzu products (with the exception of box trucks) in the US. Your truck sounds like my dream vehicle. Heck, we don’t have any compact diesel options until the Colorado goes on sale in a year or so. The US market gets whatever the auto industry is kind enough to grant us. I constantly read about European, South American and Australian cars and think we’re are getting the short end of the stick in the US. Don’t get me wrong, the big 3 probably do extensive research and know the domestic market. I guess I am the minority here because I don’t want a massive F150 or Silverado. They are great trucks. I just haul smaller, lighter items for work and need the higher mpg.

      • Александар Сајков

        I dream of an F-150 Raptor, but driving something so bad for the environment would make me feel guilty. I’ve driven the new T6 PX Ranger before and it is a great car, but later changed to D-max for better fuel economy, value etc. Also, Isuzu is renowned for missile-proof drivetrain – according to their site, they tested one and got 4, 000 000kms out of it. http://www.isuzuute.com.au/d-max/reliability.aspx

      • Александар Сајков

        How hard is to import a car in the US?