Volvo Planning Plug-In Hybrids For Every U.S. Model

2015-volvo-v60-plug-in-hybrid-r-design-1-1According to Plug-In Cars, Volvo has decided to offer a plug-in hybrid option on all its future US models, beginning with model year 2017. Only 2.0 liter turbocharged gas or diesel engines will be available as well as Volvo continues its efforts to downsize its emissions. Unfortunately, previous work on an electric C30 has quietly ceased and no further electric only Volvos are planned at this time.

The New York Times reported earlier this year that Volvo will replace its entire model lineup over the next few years, staking its immediate future on a single chassis architecture, engine and transmission.

The new V60 plug-in hybrid will lead the way, providing up to 30 miles of range in the Pure electric only mode – more than enough for most driver’s daily commute. It can run in Hybrid mode for extended range, or Power mode for maximum performance with all 240 horsepower on tap. This is just an example of the Volvo hybrids we can expect in the future.

Volvo says this strategy, built around what it calls Scalable Product Architecture, will give it a wider range of options to make vehicles of different sizes, weights and horsepower ratings, with either front- or all-wheel drive, while retaining the economic benefits of using many common parts. In the Volvo system, the internal combustion engine powers the front wheels while the electric motor powers the rears. This reduces some of the complicated combination motor and transmission components found in other hybrids, and could also help bolster Volvo’s performance credentials as well.

Pricing in America has not yet been announced, but the V60 plug in hybrid sells for the equivalent of $85,488 in the UK.



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