Video: Topping Off A Tesla Model S With A Supercharger


We’ve all heard just how fast and efficient Tesla’s network of Superchargers is when it comes to topping off the battery of the Model S. But since most of us don’t own a Model S, we haven’t had a chance to see the Supercharger in action, until now.

Norweigian Bjørn Nyland uploaded this video of his 85 kWh Tesla Model S recharging at a Supercharger system, videotaping it and then speeding it up 10x to get a sense of how quickly you can refill a Model S.

As you can see in the video, the first few minutes add the most range, starting off at just 30 km (or about 10% battery life) left. Within the first 20 minutes of charging though, the range has increased to 200 km of driving, though the charging rate slows dramatically after that. It takes another 20 minutes to reach 300 km of driving rangeThose last 100 km takes the rest of the video, as the charging rate reduces dramatically to prevent damaging the expensive battery pack.

40 minutes for over 300 km, or about 200 miles of driving is pretty good for now, but it does show that Supercharging has drawbacks as well. I could see myself getting frustrated with the slowing charging rate, especially if I needed that extra mileage to make my destination. I’m not exactly known for my patience, though I’ve heard it’s something of a virtue.

Once Tesla can figure out a way to fully recharge an EV in under 15 minutes, we’ll have a true combustion car competitor.

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  • Steve Grinwis

    Once battery packs are cheap enough, you never fill that top 20% at a supercharger. You do a fast charge, that gives you 300 km of range, and ignore the remaining 60 km of range you could have gotten. There’s not technical reason why we can’t charge a larger batter in the same time as a small battery. It’s just a better connector, and a bigger rectifier.

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