Video: Formula E Racers Take Over London

One of the highlights and advantages of the Formula E electric racing series is that for all the speed and excitement, the cars themselves aren’t all that loud. That doesn’t mean they’re totally silent though, as a group of Formula E racers tear through downtown London, fully embracing Teddy Roosevelt’s “Speak softly, but carry a big stick” philosophy.

With ten cars and twenty challengers chock full of talent, the world-spanning Formula E schedule will kick off in Beijing, make its way across Asia, North and South America before coming to London for the final race of the inaugural season. Racers will compete at a track around the famous Battersea Park in London, though it had once been rumored that the former Olympic grounds could serve as a race track instead.

The first Formula E race kicks off in just a couple of months, and the hype is really starting to build for this new breed of motorsport.


Christopher DeMorro

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