Golfer Wins BMW i8 With Hole-In-One

james-heath-bmw-i8English golfing professional James Heath earned more than just the accolades of his peers with a hole-in-one at the BMW International Open in Germany. Heath’s hole-in-one earned him a BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports car, one of the few i8s still left available in the world.

Heath made the ace shot on the 16th hole, and while he finished in a tie for 45th place, the $135,000 BMW i8 put him right up there with the tournament’s biggest winners. The last time the 30-year old got a hole-in-one, he got a pat on the back and that was it, but at the big BMW tournament, he drove away in style (and with a huge grin on his face).

Fabrizio Zanotti ended up winning the tournament, and a check for 333,000 euro, or about $455,000, so he could buy himself a BMW i8 or two for himself…except that the initial production allotment of i8s is supposedly already spoken for. All the money in the world can’t buy a car that isn’t available, and it looks like Heath’s hole-in-one really paid off, literally and figuratively.



Christopher DeMorro

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