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Published on June 24th, 2014 | by Christopher DeMorro


Tesla Model S Coupe Gets Sportier Rendering

Tesla Model S CoupeIf you want a two door Tesla Model S, you have two options; start a letter-writing campaign to Tesla HQ, or plunk down $35,000 on a two-door conversion. It seems like an obvious move on Tesla’s part, especially after this latest rendering adds a hint of sporty flair to the electric car.

Riding lower to the ground and with a more aggressive front fascia, this Model S Coupe rendering by X-Tomi Design hits all the right notes. It’s more aggressive than other Tesla coupe renderings we’ve seen, something performance enthusiasts can appreciate. Elon Musk has been insistent that the Model S is less luxury car and more about performance, and in the P85+ variant drivers can zip from 0 to 60 MPH in about 4.2 seconds. A coupe version could potentially add even more more performance, or even all-wheel drive to the equation.

There have been rumors of a larger battery pack in the works, and Tesla has already added a performance suspension and brake package for the Model S. More performance and fewer doors seems like a winning combination for Tesla, but with most of their resources tied up in the Tesla Model X, it could be awhile.


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  • egogg

    Ridiculous faux “scoops” on the lower fascia may be in fashion on ICE vehicles, but I don’t think that would fly on an EV; It would ruin the Cd.

    • ricksanchez1

      If the coupe continues to weigh north of 4,000lbs., you’ll want those front fascia brake cooling ducts.

      • egogg

        The current model doesn’t have them. Big disks, I guess.

        Or was that snark? I couldn’t tell from your tone of voice.

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