Recycled Hawtness: Solar VW Bus is Built for Adventure


solar volkswagen bus

The VW bus you see here was thoroughly refinished and refurbished by the Dangerz, a couple who took the Bus from scrapyard fodder to a solar-panel equipped, trans-continental adventure-mobile that saw them drive from Alaska to Costa Rica. It’s the kind of thing they’d make a movie about, and the kind of movie that would do OK at Sundance and have a bunch of people on Netflix say they love it but that probably wouldn’t do super-well in theaters. Taking a look at the Dangerz’ adventure blog, however, I suspect they wouldn’t have it any other way.

This is a car blog, though, and the main thing we’re into here is the 1967 VW bus (or, more accurately, a Type II) that the Dangerz converted to adventuring duty. Up top, a large solar panel provides electricity while the inside of the bus has been totally redone …

… very much in the spirit of a newer Westfalia-type camper.

Sadly, the Dangerz put their globe-trotting VW bus for sale late last year. Presumably, it’s already been sold, and that’s a shame to anyone reading about the bus today – I’m sure the 135 watt solar panel, propane cooking/heat conversion, and high-quality soundproofing/insulation under all that solid-looking cabinetry would have been a welcome addition to any US garage. Less sadly, though, the Dangerz were good enough to chronicle their bus build on their blog.

So, head over there for (many, many) more pictures of the Dangerbus, then come back and let us know what you think of their project ride in the comments section, below. Enjoy!


Source | Photos: theDangerz, via Inhabitat.

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  • J_JamesM

    135 watts? That’s tiny. No wonder solar cars aren’t really a “thing.” There’s simply not enough space.

    • It’s to power the fridge, lights, and their electronics – not to power the car.

      • J_JamesM

        I’m aware 135 watts isn’t enough to power a vehicle, not even close- hence my comment about why solar cars are a pipe dream.

  • Adam

    135kw solar panel of 2m²? I apreciate this website but seriousely you can’t post such nonsense..

    • I simply posted the specs. provided – that said, it seems legit: … what issue do you have with the specs? Are you unfamiliar with the rate of progress of solar panels, or do you think they should be better?

      • Adam

        Assuming 100% efficiency, a solar panel can only produce as much energy as it gets from the sun. Max sun power in ideal conditions is 1500w/m². So the best case scenario would net about 3kw, not 135!! Realistically, assuming a good solar panel with midday sun in summer, you could get 400W from this panel.

        Please keep some realistic data on this blog thanks 🙂

        • Right … so watt’s wrong with 135?

          • Adam

            The 135 had “KW” written behind 🙂

          • You’re 100% right – I was just about to post that. It’s corrected … that said, next time just assume it’s a typo, not some sort of crackaganda, mmkay? 🙂