Meet The Waterwolf Self Powered Surfboard

Markus Schilcher, a German engineer, has come up with the answer to a question no one was asking: How do you go surfing if there are no waves? Behold the Waterwolf, a self-powered surfboard that features a built in electric motor and lithium batteries.  The board is about 9 feet long and weighs 50 lbs, and its 5 kWh motor can push it along at speeds up to 30 mph.

TechVehi reports that there are two models of the Waterwolf – one for people up to 180 lbs and another for larger folks up to 250 lbs. Both models come with a wireless controller. The standard battery provides 20 minutes of waterborne fun. The premium battery last 10 minutes longer. Both require a little over 3 hours to recharge. No prices are available at this time but you can request a quote from the manufacturer.

For those who want to ride the waves, but can’t find any to ride, the Waterwolf is the next best thing.




Steve Hanley

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