Cadillac Dealers Advertise $19,500 Off ELR's MSRP


Cadillac ELR deep discounts

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The “newness” of the Chevy Volt seems to have worn off, and though sales have been steady, the Nissan Leaf has been surpassing it for the past few months. The $76,000 Cadillac ELR is doing even worse, which is leading some dealers to offer huge incentives to move stock…not a great sign for Chevy’s plug-in ambitions.

We found two examples, both over at the boards, that seem to indicate increasing incentives on both the Volt and the ELR. These aren’t in out-there, dyed-in-the-red states either. Rydell Chevrolet in Northridge, California, is offering up to $6,00 offer all in-stock Chevy Volts, which probably includes a mix of 2013 and 2014 models. That includes a $1,000 GM rebate, $500 “Chevy Conquest Private Offer”, and $4,500 from Rydell itself.Factor in the $7,500 tax credit, and you’ve got a whopping $13,500 off of the $34,185 MSRP, , bringing the Volt’s price down to just $20,695. Oh, and California also kicks in another $5,000, meaning you can get a Volt for just $15,695 … which is less than I paid for my Chevy Sonic.

Meanwhile Tropical Cadillac of Bradenton, Florida, reportedly sent out this email;

We just got $12,000 off incentives on the purchase of a new Cadillac ELR. Plus you get a $7500 tax credit! If you have not seen or driven this amazing vehicle, you need to come in and test drive one. This is the New electric vehicle from Cadillac, and it not only will save you a bundle at the gas pump, but it looks and drives amazing, Stop in today for a test drive.

$12,000 cash on the hood, plus another $7,500 from the Feds (in the form of rebates) means $19,500 off the ridiculous $76,000 asking price, which brings it down to a much more manageable $56,500. That’s like, exactly where the Cadillac ELR should have been priced to begin with. Not sure if it was greed or just misreading the market, but these incentives may indicate trouble brewing for GM’s pair of plug-in hybrids.


Chevy Volt discounts

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  • J_JamesM

    Called it.

  • egogg

    Discounts may be required for the ELR, but the discounts on the Volt may just be aiding in clearing the ’14 models to make room for the swoopier looking ’15.

    • N22TANGO

      The 2015 Volt isn’t “swooper looking” and in fact you can’t distinguish a 2015 from last years model. I ordered a 2015 on May 16th. I suspect you meant to say a 2-16 Volt instead. The 2015 should be arriving at my dealership in late August and it will replace my 2012 Volt.

      • egogg

        You’re right. Dangit. I’m going to have to hold out for an additional year.

        For the record, I said swoopier.

  • loadit

    California rebate is $2500, not 5K

    • kiekeman

      California tax credit rebate is 1500.00 on the volt

  • kevinmacomber

    Chris DeMorro who may be a gearhead is not an accounting genius. The above has two errors. A tax credit is not a refund. You simply don’t pay taxes on $2500 of your income. Anybody who buys one of these cars is a fool because it will eventually be shut down. The Edsel sold 58,000 when they shut it down and these cars are probably being bought by mostly Government agencies and allegedly GE for the Sales Staff. They supposedly make the charging stations.

    • kiekeman

      A tax credit is a dollar for dollar “rebate” of the taxes you paid… so you will get to pay 7500.00 less in taxes, if you actually owe 7500.00 or more in taxes.

      • Guest

        No, you are wrong.

        • treefrog2

          kiekeman is correct. A tax credit is not a tax deduction. tax deduction is when you take that amount off your gross income. tax credit is when you reduce your tax due by the amount of the tax credit.

  • sam salamay

    I just leased an ELR from Gold Coast in NJ who has the largest number of ELR’s, got the equivalent of 22% off the list price and it is the most beautiful and coolest driving experience. I asked for the price and got what I wanted; right in between a fully loaded volt and a base Tesla. No range anxiety here at all. GREAT CAR, PERIOD!!! BTW, the $7500 tax credit was also taken off the price of the car and the leasing company is receiving the credit…